Hunter Biden will burst out laughing when he hears what Bill Clinton’s former top advisor said about GOP leadership

Hunter Biden’s history of drug abuse is no secret.

Numerous photos of him smoking crack were discovered on his infamous “laptop from hell.”

But Hunter Biden will burst out laughing when he hears what Bill Clinton’s former top advisor said about GOP leadership.

Republicans have promised to launch investigations into Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings if they regained control of the House.

Even though Democrats maintained control of the Senate, it appears that Republicans will hold a razor-thin majority in the new Congress.

This will allow House Republicans to move forward with their promised investigations of Hunter Biden.

Of course, Hunter Biden is already allegedly facing investigation for tax crimes in Delaware.

He’s also allegedly under investigation for lying on a federal firearms background check form in 2018.

The background check form asks applicants if they are currently abusing drugs or alcohol.

Even though Hunter admitted in his memoir that he was addicted to crack at the time, he violated the law by claiming he was not on alcohol or drugs on the background check form.

Despite Hunter Biden’s long history of abusing crack cocaine, former top advisor to Bill Clinton James Carville attacked “MAGA Republicans” and joked about them being drug addicts.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s The Beat, James Carville said the MAGA Republicans who lead the Republican Party are on crack cocaine.

“There’s no danger that they’ll take this advice,” Carville said in response to a clip of Chuck Schumer urging GOP leaders to ditch MAGA Republicans and cut deals with Democrats.

Carville said “MAGA still runs the Republican Party” and “they’re not going to change.”

Democrats and the left-wing media are trying to convince GOP leadership that Republicans lost because they were too conservative and thus needed to support more left-wing policies in the future.

“They’ll say, look, we barely lost because we weren’t MAGA enough,” Carville ranted. “We tried to run some of these squishy candidates.”

“They can’t get off it,” he continued, before adding that “they are on the crack.”

Carville urged Republicans to return to the Party of George H.W. Bush, but predicted that MAGA will “run the show for the foreseeable future.”

The Left is determined to convince Republicans to believe the lie that they lost because they weren’t socialist enough.

And Carville is just parroting the left-wing narrative in hopes of bringing back the same big government Republicans who led during the Bush era.

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