Hollywood teamed up with anti-gun lobby to put a gun control message in this TV show

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For decades, everyone has known that Hollywood has a left-wing political agenda.

Now they’re working hand-in-hand with activist groups to insert a political message.

And Hollywood teamed up with the anti-gun lobby to put a gun control message in this TV show.

Hollywood is trying to subtly insert gun control messages in its content with the help of Brady United.

Brady launched the “Show Gun Safety” campaign to work with the entertainment industry to promote gun control in television and movies.

Gun control propaganda included in shows and movies

Endeavor and Creative Artists Agency – two of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood – partnered with Brady on the effort.

President Joe Biden held a White House summit organized by Brady with actors, directors, and showrunners to discuss how the entertainment industry can play a role in stopping gun violence.

Now the group claims that more than 200 actors, directors, and producers – including some of the biggest names in Hollywood – have signed their pledge to bring gun control to the screen.

“Guns are prominently featured in television, art, music, and movies across the globe, but only America has a gun violence epidemic. In America, we have more guns than people. Every year, over 40,000 people are shot and killed. Our nation’s gun violence crisis impacts nearly every fabric of American life. It will take a comprehensive approach to end this epidemic, and changing the culture and behaviors around firearms must be part of the solution. The creative community can play a powerful role in leading those solutions,” the Show Gun Safety website states.

The 40,000 people shot or killed statistic cited by Brady is misleading since around 60% of those deaths are the result of suicide.

Brady has a set of guidelines that it wants Hollywood to follow when guns are used:

  1. Use our creativity to model responsible gun ownership and show consequences for reckless gun use. We will make a conscious effort to show characters locking their guns safely and making them inaccessible to children.
  2. Have at least one conversation during pre-production regarding the way guns will be portrayed on screen and consider alternatives that could be employed without sacrificing narrative integrity.
  3. Limit scenes including children and guns, bearing in mind that guns are now the leading cause of death for children and adolescents.

CBS show S.W.A.T. following the Brady playbook

In the CBS police drama S.W.A.T., one of the main characters is used to push a gun control message from Brady.

Officer Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson – played by actor Shemar Moore – returns home from a day on the job.

The scene makes it a point to show Harrelson putting his police-issued handgun in a gun safe before he goes downstairs to talk to his wife.

“I’m big bada** Hondo, and I get out there and take down bad guys,” Moore said. “But when I come home, I own a firearm, but it’s safe, it’s protected.”

This was placed in the show as a result of a collaboration with Brady to promote so-called “safe storage.”

Anti-gunners have been promoting mandatory gun storage laws, which make it difficult or impossible to use a gun at home for self-defense.

Hollywood is becoming overt propaganda for the anti-gun lobby.

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