Hillary Clinton says the GOP is causing a “constitutional crisis” with this policy

Hillary Clinton is back in the news.

She has a new book out and has been making more appearances as of late.

And Hillary Clinton says the GOP is causing a “constitutional crisis” with this policy.

After her loss to Donald Trump in 2016, Hillary Clinton stepped out of the spotlight for a while.

Whether she was licking her wounds or just taking time to regroup no one really knows, but she appears to be past that season in her life and is appearing in the headlines more frequently as of late.

Now the former First Lady has something to say about the election integrity laws the GOP has been trying to get put in place before the next election.

“It’s like the frog dropped into the water. We are boiling. But there’s still time to hop out of the pot,” Clinton tweeted in reference to a recent interview she did with The Atlantic.

In the interview Clinton said she believes the U.S. is facing a “constitutional crisis” and is working under the design of what she described as “minority rule.”

Interesting statement coming from Clinton given the current President is a member of her party.

Clinton blames the Republicans for attempting to “undermine our democracy” and accused them of trying to suppress votes and “change the way elections are determined.”

“They’re going to try to give legislatures the power to basically throw out elections if they don’t go their way, because now they want to be able to win, even if they lose the popular vote and they legitimately lose the Electoral College,” Clinton stated.

During the same interview, Hillary Clinton also expressed her support for ending the filibuster, stating she would “absolutely” get rid of it.

The Democrat Party will label anything that stands in their way as “racist” or “suppression” or even “unconstitutional,” not that they’re known for caring much about the Constitution.

In the end it is just more double speak from the Party on the Left.

They are demanding vaccine IDs, but cry foul when the GOP tries to strengthen ID requirements for voting.

The irony is too rich for many.

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