Hillary Clinton put Elon Musk in her crosshairs with one bone-chilling scheme

Elon Musk shook up the world of Big Tech when he bought Twitter.

Democrats are fuming that free speech could be coming to the platform.

And Hillary Clinton put Elon Musk in her crosshairs with one bone-chilling scheme.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter was a game-changing move for social media.

The social media platform’s former regime stepped up their censorship of conservatives after Twitter helped propel former President Donald Trump to victory in the 2016 election.

Musk is promising to bring free speech back to Twitter and Democrats are seething with rage.

Democrats can’t win the argument so they’ve relied on Big Tech censorship to silence conservatives on social media.

After Musk took over Twitter, Democrats began working to find a way to target the social media platform’s new owner.

Hillary Clinton claims she’s done with running for elected office but her political network is quietly working behind the scenes to target Musk.

Accountable Tech is a front group for an umbrella of far-left groups connected to the biggest players on the Left like George Soros and Clinton.

The group is threatening advertisers on Twitter claiming that Musk’s ownership will “toxify” the social media giant and threaten public safety.

A letter from Accountable Tech was sent to Twitter advertisers putting them on notice if they continue to spend ad money under Musk.

“Twitter has outsized influence in shaping both public discourse and industry-wide platform governance standards,” the letter states. “While the company is hardly a poster-child for healthy social media, it has taken welcome steps in recent years to mitigate systemic risks, ratcheting up pressure on the likes of Facebook and YouTube to follow suit.”

Starting during the Trump Presidency, Twitter ramped up censorship of conservatives using the flimsy pretext of protecting the public trust and safety.

“Musk intends to steamroll those safeguards and provide a megaphone to extremists who traffic in disinformation, hate, and harassment,” the letter continues. “Under the guise of ‘free speech,’ his vision will silence and endanger marginalized communities, and tear at the fraying fabric of democracy.”

The letter warned about keeping Trump from returning to Twitter, demanding that advertisers commit to keeping politicians suspended from the platform for “egregious violations” from returning. 

The letter was signed by other major leftwing activist groups including the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

After losing the 2016 Presidential election, Hillary Clinton set up the nonprofit Onward Together to continue her crusade against Donald Trump.

Accountable Tech is an official partner of Onward Together receiving funding and advice from Clinton’s nonprofit.

Accountable Tech co-founder Jesse Lehrich also served as a spokesman from Clinton’s failed 2016 Presidential campaign.

“It’s perfect Accountable Tech leads the posse of groups attacking Elon Musk and Twitter,” Capital Research Center president Scott Walter told Fox Business. “These groups are cancel culture incarnate, mixing left-wing advocacy with Democratic Party politics.”

Walter noted that Accountable Tech is a front for “Hillary Clinton’s empire at Onward Together.”

After Twitter helped beat her in 2016, Hillary Clinton is trying to ensure conservatives don’t get even footing on the social media giant.

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