Hillary Clinton is fuming after what this former advisor just said about her political future

It’s not easy being a former Hillary Clinton staffer.

You always have to watch what you say.

And this former Clinton advisor is worried after he went on Fox News and said something to make Hillary furious.

Rumors are mounting about Crooked Hillary’s scheme to replace President Biden on the 2024 Democrat Presidential ticket.

Now one of her past advisors is speaking out about her White House chances.

Former Hillary Clinton pollster, Mark Penn, was a recent guest on Fox Business.

In light of all the speculation over Clinton making a political comeback in time for the next presidential election, host Maria Bartiromo asked Penn about her chances.

The polling expert said he just doesn’t see the evidence for a true “draft Hillary” movement.

Bartiromo cited a recent Harris Interactive poll, where 17% of Democrats said they’d support Clinton in 2024 and asked Penn if he’s had any recent chats with his old boss.

“No, but I would say that 17% is a very weak number,” Penn replied. “I did not sense in this poll, ‘bring back Hillary.’ She used to start out in these races at 30, 40, 45, 50, when the country really wanted Hillary. This says to me the country really wants to go forward, not back.”

Penn’s reading of the polling data may upset Crooked Hillary, but she’s not the only one who should be disappointed.

Clinton may be the only candidate more vulnerable for Republicans to run against than President Joe Biden.

Though, one would have to consider Vice President Kamala Harris as a rather easy victory as well.

“They’re not giving any votes to Kamala Harris either,” Penn added. “They don’t really like Joe Biden for a second term. So, I think the Democrat party is in chaos.”

Penn believes the GOP is ready to consolidate around former President Donald Trump, and all the available polling backs up the former Clinton advisor’s assertion.

He went on to suggest Democrat Party voters are looking for a fresh face, newer, younger, fresher.

“I’m sure she is going to look at running, but with numbers like these, I have to pour a little bit more cold water on this whole thesis,” Penn told Bartiromo. “I don’t see Hillary really making a comeback here.”

With words like that, Penn’s wife likely just took out a new life insurance policy on her husband.

Later in the interview, Penn predicted the GOP would pick up at least 25 seats in the 2022 Midterms.

Penn’s remarks do bring up an interesting question of whether Trump would prefer a rematch against Clinton or Biden, or the fresh face that Penn suggests Democrat voters are eager for.

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