Hershel Walker attacked Joe Biden for his handling on this kitchen table issue

Hershel Walker is making waves in the political world as an outsider United States Senate candidate.

Walker doesn’t play by the conventional rules of politics.

And now Walker is taking the fight to President Joe Biden on this issue every American family is talking about at the dinner table.

American families are struggling to make ends meet as prices at the pump are at record highs under President Joe Biden – with no end to the financial pain in sight.

President Biden is blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin and his attack on Ukraine for the gas prices.

However, that timeline doesn’t fit reality, as fuel prices have been surging since the day Biden took the oath of office – long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

And football legend and Georgia GOP Senate candidate, Hershel Walker, isn’t buying what the Biden Administration is selling.

In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, the former Heisman Trophy Winner and NCAA National Champion says Biden has cost America the energy independence status former President Donald Trump worked so hard to achieve.

“We’ve got an administration that . . . they’re not leaders,” Walker said. “They’re reactive rather than proactive. One of the first things they did . . . is they decide they were going to give up all our energy. By him (Joe Biden) going out and giving up all our energy, now we’re not energy independent anymore, which started this whole downfall.”

Walker points out gas prices are through the roof and food shortages are showing on the shelves at grocery stores.

“They’re blaming everyone by themselves,” Walker added. “I think they got to remember that song, Michael Jackson said, ‘the man in the mirror,’ you got to look at yourself to see what’s going on.”

When President Biden took office, he reversed Trump era energy policies. His administration has stalled oil company land leases, ended the Keystone Pipeline, restricted access to energy resources in Alaska and in the outer shelf, increased methane emissions restrictions, and more.

In the interview the former NFL running back said if elected Senator, he’ll be a leader – unlike Biden – and will fight to unleash American energy production.

Walker is currently leading in the polling against incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock, who won a controversial run-off in a special election in 2020.

“Raphael Warnock won this seat in that run-off race against (incumbent) Kelly Loeffler . . . now the seat is one of the most contested, on the top-10 list of most likely to flip in November,” Baritromo said of the Peach State Senate contest.

In the latest polling out of Georgia, Walker led Warnock by four-points, 49-45.

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