Greta Thunberg will be furious when she finds out about this report

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Environmental activists have gotten bolder.

They are pushing for a dramatic reduction in quality of life for billions of people.

But Greta Thunberg will be furious when she finds out about this report.

Climate activists like Greta Thunberg have been incoherently pushing for energy policies that do not make any sense.

The idea of going to net-zero carbon emissions in the snap of a finger is preposterous.

That’s why environmental action often results in clumsy, nonsensical measures.

For example, it turns out, wind turbines in Scotland are being fueled by diesel.

A whistleblower for Scottish Power told the papers, “During December, 60 turbines at Arecleoch and 11 at Glenn App were de-energised due to a cabling fault . . . In order to get these turbines re-energised diesel generators were running for upwards of six hours a day . . . Turbines are regularly offline due to faults where they are taking energy from the grid rather than producing it, and also left operating on half power for long periods due to parts which haven’t been replaced.”

This is the folly of wind turbines – they are neither reliable nor energy-efficient.

Wind turbines take up a lot of land, and they do a lot of ecological damage.

Two years ago, during a “storm of the century,” there were major blackouts across the state of Texas in large part because of reliance on wind turbines that had iced up.

The whistleblower added, “Dirty hydraulic oil is also regularly being sprayed out across the Scottish countryside due to cracks in mechanisms. Safety standards have not improved since a worker was killed in 2017 at Kilgallioch wind farm.”

The “green” warriors seem completely unfazed by the infeasibility of their radical project.

The whistleblower continued, “The Scottish Government wants to make our country attractive to foreign investors as 40 per cent of the wind that blows across Europe blows across Scotland. However, that should not mean we put up with our waterways and nature being polluted with carbon from diesel generators and hydraulic oil.”

If climate change activists were serious about producing clean energy, they would be focusing on nuclear, natural gas, and hydro.

But they are not fond of any of those energy sources.

Instead, they are all in less efficient options like wind and solar.

Some activists are even open about pushing a “zero-growth” agenda.

Environmentalism is their way of trying to destroy capitalism.

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