Greg Abbott was blindsided by this disastrous decision from the Texas Supreme Court

Greg Abbott is one of the few Governors trying to defend Americans’ rights from the radical Left during the ongoing pandemic.

But it’s not been an easy road for the Texas Republican Governor.

And Greg Abbott was blindsided by this disastrous decision from the Texas Supreme Court.

Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme Court overruled lower courts who were upholding mask mandates in certain cities like Dallas, which contradicted Governor Abbott’s ban on mask mandates.

It was a significant win that seemed to show Abbott had some wind at his back.

But that may not be the case.

According to reports, the Texas Supreme Court has ruled that they will allow schools to require all school children to wear masks and defy Governor Abbott’s executive order while the rest of the case is litigated in court.

The Washington Post reports:

The Texas Supreme Court on Thursday denied Gov. Greg Abbott’s request to block temporary restraining orders on his ban on mask mandates, allowing schools that are requiring face coverings in defiance of the state to proceed.

The court, whose justices are elected and currently all Republicans, cited a provision of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure for why the request was denied. The one-sentence order provided no additional details.

These two rulings from the Texas Supreme Court definitely seem contradictory and backwards.

If anyone shouldn’t be forced to wear masks, it’s school children.

According to the CDC’s numbers themselves, there have been only 361 deaths involving COVID-19 between the ages 0-17.

That’s just .05% of all COVID-19 deaths.

And in each of those horrible situations where a young person lost their life, there were also severe underlying health complications.

So the reality is that America’s children do not need to be masking up at school.

Meanwhile, adults – who are actually more susceptible to COVID-19 hospitalization and death than minors – can go into restaurants in Dallas without masks?

How does that make any sense whatsoever? It simply doesn’t.

But God-willing, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis win their cases against forcing American citizens and, more importantly, our young children to mask up and fall in line with the mandates from Big Brother Government.

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