Governor Glenn Youngkin just said no to a move that could save countless lives

He ran as a “pro-life” Republican.

And he now has every chance to prove that’s true.

But Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin just said no to a move that could save countless lives.

Ever since the Supreme Court finally overturned the atrocious Roe v. Wade decision, states have been working to save children’s lives.

And even in “purple” states GOP governors and legislatures are taking whatever actions they can to try and save babies.

So, many assumed that would be the case in Virginia which was turned red last year with the election of a GOP state house and a Republican Governor who claims to be pro-life.

But as we know, actions speak louder than words, and Glenn Youngkin’s actions lead any reasonable person to realize all he wants to save is his own political ambitions.

Because at every single turn, Youngkin has proven he has no real interest in taking any action to actually save babies.

During the session of the legislature earlier this year Youngkin let it be known he would not accept any pro-life legislation that actually did anything.

In fact, anytime rumors began that a member of the legislature was prepared to introduce such a bill the Governor sent his minions down to kill the effort.

And after Roe was overturned, Youngkin’s response was to say he favored only a 15-week ban. Of course, this would still allow more than 92% of all abortions in Virginia, and Youngkin knows it.

Even more telling is the fact that pro-abortion radicals are “setting up shop” in Virginia and abortion clinics are moving their facilities to Virginia where they have a more favorable climate for killing children.

And now Youngkin has flatly rejected another simple way to save children’s lives.

Governor Glenn Youngkin could make it a condition that funding for both Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and the University of Virginia (UVA) only be allotted if their medical centers stop providing abortions.

The Governor could direct UVA and VCU medical centers to immediately cease abortion procedures and tell them that state grants and other funds will not be distributed to them or any entities who in any way promote, facilitate, or engage in taking the life of preborn babies.

According to Delegate Dave LaRock (R), legislation doing just this has actually passed the state legislature but was vetoed by pro-abortion Governors.

These are just a couple of the things Youngkin could do right away as Governor, there is even more.

“Lastly, he should direct Virginia government agencies that they not do business with any organization or entity which in any way actively promotes, facilitates, or engages in taking the lives of preborn babies,” LaRock also said.

Youngkin, of course, disagrees. “Well, so first of all, Delegate LaRock is incorrect. The hospitals have their own governing structure and so it’s just not correct. And I believe we’re at this moment where as a pro-life governor, and I’m very clear, I’m a pro-life governor, I do believe in exceptions in the case of rape and incest and when the mother’s life is at risk. Now, since the Supreme Court’s final decision, and appropriately, these decisions are moving back to states where elected officials are going to make them.”

Youngkin reiterated his desire for a 15-week pain-threshold abortion ban.

“I believe it will take time, and this isn’t something that we should rush. And so I’ve asked them to have a bill that hopefully I can sign in January. And I’m looking forward to see their progress. This is a moment for us to come together around a solution in a state that literally just 18 months ago was debating whether abortion should be allowed all the way up through and including birth. And I think this is a moment where Virginians believe one common thing: we should have fewer abortions as opposed to more, and I’m looking forward to letting them do the work,” he said.

Not something we should rush? A lot of children about to die would disagree with you Mr. “pro-life” Governor.

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