Governor DeSantis’ star is continuing to rise and it has the Democrats shaking in their boots

From all outward appearances, one might assume that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is laying the groundwork for a 2024 Presidential run.

From keeping Florida’s economy open to denouncing vaccine passports, DeSantis is quickly becoming the Right’s new hero.

And Governor DeSantis’ star is continuing to rise, which has the Democrats shaking their boots.

Port Canaveral and Port Everglades, both based in Florida, are home to two major ports for the cruise line industry.

But ever since the COVID lockdowns were put in place, the ports have seen no activity from the cruise lines.

Now that vaccines are widely available, DeSantis is demanding that Biden and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) open up the cruise ship industry.

DeSantis knows full well that Biden is pro-lockdown and in no rush to get the economy moving again, so the Governor took matters into his own hands.

DeSantis is suing the CDC in an attempt to force Biden’s hand.

In a recent interview, DeSantis explained why the lawsuit was necessary, stating in part, “The main reason for that is because the federal government and the CDC has locked down this industry for over a year.  This is not reasonable.  This is not rational.”

It is DeSantis’ belief that Florida will win because the Biden administration has trampled on states’ rights.

“We believe that it is time for us to vindicate the state’s rights and the rights of the state in court and also vindicate the livelihoods of the tens of thousands of Floridians who depend on this industry,” DeSantis said.

His rejection of lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine passports have made DeSantis the darling of the Republican party.

The Fake News Media is doing their level best to destroy him with half-truths and lies.

Most recently, 60 Minutes did a hit piece on DeSantis that was filled with so many falsehoods even some Democrats bashed the show.

DeSantis’s latest move is sure to cause his popularity to skyrocket among Republican voters, which bodes well for a possible 2024 run.

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