Glenn Youngkin has big plans for the 2022 Midterms

Glenn Youngkin rocked the political landscape when he scored a massive upset victory last year in the Virginia Governor’s race.

In the process, he laid what many believe to be a blueprint for GOP victories in the 2022 Midterms.

Now Youngkin says he’s moving forward with big plans for the 2022 election cycle.

Youngkin rode a wave of anger against woke schools indoctrinating students to victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe last year.

So far, Youngkin has been fairly true to his word, enacting policies advancing the radical notion schools should teach students, not brainwash them in woke propaganda.

And now he’s planning to take his show on the road to help his fellow Republicans in the Midterms.

2022 will be a sign of things to come for at least the next couple of years, with the GOP needing just a handful of House pick ups and to net a single Senate seat to take control of the legislature and effectively make President Joe Biden a lame duck for the last two years of his term.

The Hill is reporting Governor Youngkin has launched two political organizations.

The first, Spirit of Virginia, is a Super PAC that can raise unlimited donations and then be passed out to candidates Youngkin supports.

The other, American Spirit, is an advocacy non-profit organization that can participate in grassroots lobbying and limited political activities putting boots on the ground in districts Youngkin wishes to target.

It remains unclear which contests Youngkin wants to play in and whether he’s interested in federal legislative races, or just Governor races that are at stake in 36 states.

The Youngkin campaign focused largely on education reforms and parental rights – a tactic Youngkin’s senior adviser for political activity, Kristin Davison, says many Republicans are embracing this cycle.

“Looking to 2022, Gov. Youngkin will continue to grow that movement and help other candidates win,” Davidson said. “Especially those that will turn blue states red, just as he did in Virginia last year.”

By helping other Republicans, Youngkin could be helping his own future political ambitions.

The Virginia State Constitution limits Governors to serving just a single term at a time.

That means Youngkin could climb up the political ladder after 2025, especially if he’s owed many favors.

Youngkin’s name has also been floated around as a potential running mate for former President Donald Trump in 2024, or even a GOP Presidential candidate himself.

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