George Soros will be shaking in his loafers when he sees these numbers

While Americans seek shelter and safety during the Biden Crime Wave, Attorneys General, District Attorneys and prosecutors in Blue cities have been turning a blind eye.

Billionaire Socialist George Soros has spent many millions to get soft-on-crime candidates elected to those positions.

However, the latest polling has Soros wondering if he’s wasted his money.

A brand-new poll from Rasmussen Reports surveyed American voters on their attitudes about the out-of-control crime surge under President Joe Biden.

According to the poll, most Americans support giving soft-on-crime prosecutors the boot.

In fact, 58% of likely U.S. voters believe a law permitting an appointed state oversight committee with the ability to remove state attorneys from office if they won’t prosecute violent crimes would improve safety in their neighborhoods.

Only a mere 21% disagree with the idea.

Meanwhile, 54% of voters want a law permitting state Attorney Generals to appoint a special prosecutor if the local district attorney refuses to carry out their responsibilities.

Less than one-quarter, 24%, disagree.

The latter law would help residents living in Blue cities within red states, but unfortunately, would not help in blue states with Soros-bankrolled Attorneys General already in place.

“We have to fight this anti-law-enforcement narrative pushed by these woke progressive prosecutors who have gained a foothold in this country,” said National Police Association spokesperson, retired Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith. “It has become obvious these progressive prosecutors, many supported by money from outside their jurisdictions, have obtained office not to protect the public, but to protect criminals.”

The poll also asked respondents about specific policies implemented by some of the most radical Soros-backed DA’s in the entire United States: Alvin Bragg in New York, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, Kim Foxx in Chicago, George Gascon in Los Angeles and Kim Gardner in St. Louis.

In NYC, Bragg instructed his Manhattan staff to stop prosecuting anyone arrested for resisting arrest and many other crimes.

58% of respondents disagreed with Bragg’s policy, while another 67% believe the policy will make arrests more dangerous for police officers.

In San Francisco, Boudin has refused to prosecute felons under California’s Three Strikes.

72% of respondents said Boudin’s policy would make it more likely felons will commit even more crime.

Moving south to Los Angeles, Gascon’s policy of not prosecuting minors as adults for any crime – including murder – led to a 17-year-old gang member killing someone and only serving a six-year sentence, as opposed to life in prison.

61% of respondents say Gascon should be held responsible if the killer commits any additional crimes – and 69% believe Gascon’s policies make residents less safe.

And in the Gateway City of St. Louis, Gardner’s strategy to counter rising crime was to decrease prosecutions by a full 30%.

In fact, in one case, a murder suspect was suspended after Gardner’s staff failed to show up to court.

69% of respondents say the city is less safe with Gardner in place – 67% of voters believe Gardner should be held responsible for any crimes committed by anyone released early thanks to Gardner’s non-prosecution program.

The votes are in, and Americans want Soros out.

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