George Soros shrugged off his latest defeat knowing he still controls half of these American cities

The woke Left has recently turned their former hero, Elon Musk, into their latest rich bogeyman to prop up as an evil villain for them to attack.

But there is someone else nearly as rich who is putting American families at far more risk.

And despite his latest defeat, George Soros still has a disturbing amount of control over American cities.

Earlier this year, San Francisco voters shocked the political world when they recalled several woke school board members.

The voters of San Francisco struck another blow to the radical Left when they recently recalled their pro-crime District Attorney, Chesa Boudin.

Boudin had instituted a social justice policy prioritization in his time as San Francisco DA.

Among other things, in his roughly two-years in office, Boudin removed bail and refused to prosecute most crimes.

As a result, crime rates soared so much in the city even the typically woke voters of the Golden State Bay Area grew frustrated.

Billionaire socialist George Soros funded Boudin’s campaign to first elect him as the city’s top prosecutor.

However, Boudin is just one of many prosecutors Soros has injected into major metropolitan areas of the United States.

And each of them is bringing with them the same anti-incarceration policies as Boudin introduced in San Francisco.

According to a brand-new report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, over the past decade, Soros has spent $40-Million in often-smaller, local races to elect woke prosecutors.

The LELDF report concludes Soros-backed prosecutors are in place in half of America’s largest jurisdictions.

In fact, the report finds Soros-bankrolled implants in 75 different cities across the country.

Most of those major metropolitan centers are now experiencing massive crime spikes.

Those District Attorneys and prosecutors represent and are supposed to protect the safety of 72 million Americans.

“Our study shows for the first time, Soros’s funding and installation of these district attorneys is fundamentally dismantling the criminal justice system as we know it,” Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund president Jason Johnson said.

The Washington Free Beacon analyzed the LELDF report.

“From cities like Seattle and Los Angeles, to wealthy suburbs near Washington, D.C., to provincial counties in Mississippi and Wisconsin, the prosecutors have radically overhauled bail laws and pursued lightened sentencing in an effort to reduce incarceration,” Washington Free Beacon reporter Josh Christenson wrote. “Soros began his quiet effort to remake America’s criminal justice system in 2014, donating $50 million to the ACLU for justice reform activism. He followed up in 2016 by funneling more than $3 million into seven local campaigns, including to Cook County district attorney Kim Foxx (D.), the controversial Chicago prosecutor known for dropping charges against Jussie Smollett, who committed a hate crime hoax.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Soros uses a funnel of more than 500 PACs, dark money groups, and nonprofits to elect prosecutors and DAs in typically lower-budget local races.

According to the report, Soros does more than fund the campaigns of soft-on-crime candidates.

He also hosts junkets, symposiums, and even lavish retreats for his hand-picked candidates.

“Soros prosecutors now preside over 20% of Americans with the same disastrous results we have seen in Virginia — violent criminals and sexual predators roam the streets victimizing innocents,” said Sean Kennedy, President of Virginians for Safe Communities. “As San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin faces his fate . . . (other) Soros prosecutors will face the same public reckoning soon, as the American people want safety first.”

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