George Soros just got exposed for infuriating NFL fans

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NFL fans wish the league would stay out of politics and just stick to sports.

But that just isn’t the case.

And George Soros just got exposed for infuriating NFL fans.

In 2020, disgraced former Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder thought he could keep a Congressional investigation into sexual harassment and toxic workplace allegations at bay by bending the knee to the woke mob.

He did so by caving to the radical Left’s longstanding wish to drop the Redskins nickname in favor of the “Washington Football Team” before finally settling on the “Commies” (Commanders).

What could be more Lefty Washington, D.C. than that!

This was all despite fan outrage – and polls showed that around 90 percent of Native Americans weren’t offended by the name.

Instead, it was really just woke social justice warriors and Northern Virginia’s virtue-signaling rich suburban Karens who hated the proud name and history of the Redskins franchise.

Dan Snyder, of course, was wrong to think he could appease the Left, and was forced to sell the franchise.

Now that there is new ownership, there’s a boiling grassroots movement led by the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) to restore the Redskins nickname.

Kiowa Tribe member Billy Dieckman went on Fox News and explained the truth – that the Redskins nickname was really a source of pride and was also gifted to the team by the Blackfoot Tribe to honor one of their great chiefs.

“The deep, rich history behind the name, the myth that it means bloody scalps or something derogatory is what we’re trying to dispel,” Dieckman stated. “It’s a status symbol for elite warriors.”

“The imagery that you see is that of Chief Two Guns White Calf,” Diechman continued. “That’s a real person. There’s a lot of times they say you need to get rid of your mascot. We don’t have a mascot. That’s a real person that was gifted to the Redskins in the NFL by the Blackfoot tribe as a forever gift. That’s one of the greatest warriors of all time.”

The nickname is fitting for Washington, D.C. because it was also designed to honor the “Chief of Chief” Tamanend – also known as Saint Tammany or King Tammany among English colonists in the Mid-Atlantic.

In fact, he was called the “Patron Saint of America” for his peaceful dealings with colonists and many “Tammany societies” were established across the United States after the Revolutionary War.

But despite all of this, the Washington Commies’ management shouted down the suggestion.

“Going back to the old name is not being considered. Period,” team president Jason Wright declared.

And a Soros-funded group called the National Congress of American Indians is one of the leaders of a campaign to force teams like Washington to drop Native American nicknames.

The National Congress of American Indians receives funding from the Soros-backed Open Societies Foundation and has long been critical of the Redskins nickname.

“The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), a major Native American rights organization, had issued calls to get rid of the Redskins name for decades. Last week, it touted its efforts at “fostering a proactive partnership” with the NFL team,” Fox News reported.

“The NCAI is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations as well as other left-leaning groups. It is also funded through American taxpayer dollars from an array of federal departments, according to claims by the group itself,” Fox News also reported.

When the NFL began embracing anti-American national anthem kneelers, fans revolted.

If Soros-backed groups are dictating woke team nicknames the league can count on another backlash.

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