Gavin Newsom was speechless when this Hollywood icon was shut down

Government of California, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Gavin Newsom’s socialist policies are taking a wrecking ball to California.

Not even Hollywood is safe from his reign of destruction.

And Gavin Newsom was speechless when this Hollywood icon was shut down.

Iconic Arby’s on Sunset Boulevard closes down over minimum wage hike

The legendary Sunset Boulevard, which runs through West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, was the backdrop for the movie industry for decades.

Upscale clubs, shopping, theaters, and hotels on the boulevard are frequented by the Hollywood elite.

And for 55 years on Sunset Boulevard, people were greeted by a giant cowboy hat sign of a family-owned Arby’s.

The sign stood the test of time as Arby’s rebranded over the years with its neon lights. 

Customers could sit outside and look at the famous Hollywood sign. 

But now a law from California Governor Gavin Newsom is causing this family-owned institution to shut its doors.

The state’s recent hike in the minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 an hour was the “nail in the coffin.”

“Farewell Hollywood. TY for 55 great years,” the sign on the Arby’s cowboy hat stated.

The Sunset Boulevard Arby’s General Manager, Gary Husch, is the son-in-law of the location’s 91-year-old founder, Marilyn Leviton.

“With inflation, food costs have gone way up and the $20-an-hour minimum wage has been the nail in the coffin,” Husch told The Los Angeles Times.

The location opened in January 1969 and has served Hollywood royalty over the years.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Seth Rogen filmed an episode of his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee from the location. 

“I’m awfully sorry that it came to this. I think we did a good job for 55 years,” Leviton told KTLA-TV.

Restaurants are being decimated by California’s anti-business climate

Husch noted that many of the offices in the Sunset Boulevard area never reopened after the pandemic.

“The customer count has gone down over the last few years,” Husch said. “A lot of the offices around this area are empty now, and we’re just not getting the same foot traffic we did before.”

Leviton said that the pandemic was the beginning of the end of the location.

“Truth is, I think it was the pandemic that did us in,” Leviton stated. “I really feel we would have closed during the pandemic [if it weren’t] for the federal loans.”

The cost became too much for the long-running location to remain open.

“Arby’s is demanding more technical equipment, which we couldn’t afford, and I don’t think the $20-an-hour wage increase helped either,” Leviton added.

The new law is a double whammy for fast-food restaurants that are struggling with higher labor costs.

Fast workers’ minimum wage jumped from $16 an hour to $20.

And the minimum salary for a fast food manager increased from $66,560 a year, to $83,200 annually.

Fast food prices are responding by hiking menu prices, increasing automation, or giving up altogether.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill, a fast-casual chain, closed 48 locations in California and filed for bankruptcy.

California’s fast food minimum wage law is taking a wrecking ball to the industry.