French officials were furious after the U.S. Olympic team disregarded this awful rule

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The U.S. Olympic team is headed to France to compete against the best in the world.

But, the host country thought they could impose their socialist values on Americans.

And French officials were furious after the U.S. Olympic team disregarded this awful rule.

Team USA disregards a French green scheme against air conditioners

The 2024 Summer Olympics will kick off on July 26 in France, with Paris serving as the host city for the event.

French officials organizing the event decided to show their commitment to fighting climate change by not including air conditioning at the Olympic Village in Paris.

“I want the Paris Games to be exemplary from an environmental point of view,” Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said.

Hidalgo has committed to making her city carbon-neutral by 2050.

The Olympic Village will be in a northern suburb of Paris, Saint-Denis.

Saint-Denis government official Laurent Monnet dismissed the idea that the Olympic athletes needed air conditioners.

“We need athletes to set an example when they use the buildings,” Monnet said. “We can build the most virtuous village we want, it is also the use that will be made of it that will weigh on our carbon footprint.”

Team USA became one of the countries to disregard the French and bring their own air conditioners.

Air conditioning is critical to American athletes’ performance

Paris could be experiencing a heatwave when the Olympics runs from late July to mid-August.

A potential heatwave was cited as a health risk to athletes in a report released by World Athletics.

The Olympic Village – which will become home to 15,000 athletes and officials – is using a water-cooling system in rooms as part of its effort to cut carbon emissions.

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic CEO Sarah Hirshland said the Team USA would ignore the French and bring portable air conditioners for the athletes’ rooms.

“In our conversations with athletes, this was a very high priority and something that the athletes felt was a critical component in their performance capability,” Hirshland said. “And so, yes, we will have air conditioners.”

Utah marathon runner Conner Mantz was pleased with the change.

“It is nice because OK, I’m not going to be too uncomfortable leading into what could be the most important race of my life now,” Mantz told the Deseret News.

Mantz was worried about the heat in Paris hurting his performance at his first Olympic games.

“It’s kind of frustrating because it sounded like the reason they were doing that was for helping with the environment,” Mantz stated. “Now, they’re bringing over air conditioners from the U.S.”

Australia, Greece, Germany, Canada, and Great Britain were among the countries that also decided to bring their own air conditioners.

Australian Olympic Committee CEO Matt Carroll had a blunt message for the French.

“We appreciate the concept of not having air conditioning due to the carbon footprint,” Carroll said. “But it is a high-performance Games. We’re not going for a picnic.”

Paris Mayor Hidalgo wasn’t happy with countries ignoring her plan.

“I am not in favor of it. We must be consistent with our objectives,” Hidalgo said.

Team USA is ignoring the ridiculous green scheme by France to give American athletes a better chance to bring home the Gold.