Franklin Graham just revealed one terrifying truth about Joe Biden’s weaponization of the justice system against Trump

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has turned the Justice Department and the FBI into political enforcement arms for Joe Biden.

Left-wing prosecutors in Democrat-heavy areas are also helping Biden wage lawfare on Trump.

And Franklin Graham just revealed one terrifying truth about Joe Biden’s weaponization of the justice system against Trump.

Donald Trump is facing a slew of legal attacks from Democrats.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg already indicted Trump on 34 bogus charges over a hush money payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016.

Left-wing activists in Georgia are also investigating Trump over his alleged interference in the 2020 election.

Officials in Washington, D.C. are investigating Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents and potentially obstructing justice.

And on Tuesday, a federal jury in New York City ordered Trump to pay $5 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll for sexual abuse and defamation.

The jury determined Trump was not liable for rape.

However, Donald Trump is appealing the ruling because he has “absolutely no idea” who she is.

“This verdict is a disgrace,” Trump told Fox News Digital. “It is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

“We’ll appeal,” he said. “We got treated very badly by the Clinton-appointed judge,” he continued, before adding that “and Carroll is a Clinton person, too.”

“I have no idea who this woman is,” Trump added.

The Reverend Billy Graham is fed up with Democrats using the justice system to go after Donald Trump.

“It is disappointing that our legal system has become so politicized,” Graham wrote in a post on Facebook. “The former president is being accused of something 30 years ago, and reports say that his accuser can’t recall the month or the year.”

Graham pointed to the $5 million “price tag” the jury awarded Carroll as evidence that this was just “ANOTHER attempt to tarnish former president Donald J. Trump, plant doubts, and destroy his ability to run for office again.”

“His enemies will stop at nothing,” Graham added.

Franklin Graham is right.

Joe Biden and the Democrats will stop at nothing to destroy Trump and prevent him from ever again setting foot in the White House.

Graham said only God can save America and encouraged his 10 million followers to “pray for our nation” because “we need God’s help.”

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