Fox News viewers were stunned when one host used these two jaw-dropping words to describe Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal

Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch previously made it clear that the network will oppose Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign.

But opposing Trump does not mean defending Joe Biden.

That’s why Fox News viewers were stunned when one host used these two jaw-dropping words to describe Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal.

Outside of Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, the majority of hosts at Fox News Channel are more pro-Republican Party than they are conservative.

But Geraldo Rivera, one of the cohosts of the popular Fox News show The Five, is one of the few leftists at the network who fully supports the Democrats’ radical agenda.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Five, Rivera discussed Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal with co-host Greg Gutfeld.

“Connect the dots,” Gutfeld began. “This is an incredibly timely scandal when he decides to run for reelection.” 

“Which member of the Deep State and setting them up?” he continued, before asking Rivera if it was “the same people that went after Trump or Nixon?” 

“Maybe, maybe it was them,” Rivera fired back. “This is the incredible shrinking scandal.”

Rivera then launched into a tirade where he defended Joe Biden’s innocence and claimed the documents were “totally political retribution.”

“As I’ve said, there is absolutely nothing there,” Rivera claimed. “We have been talking about this around and around and around, and now Vice President Pence, of course, famously is involved in the so-called ‘scandal,’” he continued, before adding that “this is totally political retribution.”

Gutfeld wondered if Rivera meant “political retribution” from members of his own Party who wanted him to step aside after this term.

“But from whom or from whom?” Gutfeld asked.

“Republicans!” Rivera outrageously claimed, leading Gutfeld to follow up by asking the obvious question of “how did the Republicans know the stuff?”

Rivera offered zero evidence to back his assertion, instead repeating his claims that “we are talking about a document scandal with zero evidence and national security has not been compromised” even though no one knows the contents of the classified material stolen by Biden.

“This is the librarian scolding the people who kept the books overdue,” Rivera said. “It has nothing to do with anything in American life,” he continued, before concluding that “not one family watching this today is affected one iota by the phony scandal.”

Of course, Rivera would have a point if he were talking about the documents Donald Trump had with him at Mar-a-Lago, which was nothing more than a dispute with the librarian at the Archives.

Joe Biden had classified documents dating back to his time in the U.S. Senate and as Vice President.

But like all leftists, Rivera applies a different standard to Republicans than he does to Democrats.

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