Fox News Host Jesse Watters revealed the real reason behind the feds’ raid on Giuliani’s apartment

The recent raid on Rudy Giuliani’s apartment rocked the political world.

Everyone from Congressmen to journalists to your next-door neighbor has a theory on why the feds raided his apartment.

But Fox News Host Jesse Watters revealed the real reason behind the feds’ raid on Giuliani’s apartment.

The Democrat-run New York Times reported that the raid on Giuliani’s apartment was part of an ongoing investigation into whether or not the former Mayor had violated the FARA law by not registering as a foreign agent when working on behalf of some Ukrainian interests.

Co-host of Fox News’ The Five Jesse Watters says that isn’t the case at all.

Watters blasted the feds for raiding Giuliani’s apartment.

According to Watters, the raid was out of spite for Giuliani’s role in bringing Hunter Biden’s corruption to the attention of the American people.

“I think I speak for everybody on the show when I say this, Rudy Giuliani is a national treasure.  Don’t disagree, I speak for everyone on the show when I say this, the guy took on the mob, he took on crime, al Qaeda, counselor to the president, and now Democratic prosecutors want to lock up a 76-year-old icon for a lobbying technicality, Juan? Because he advised the President he should fire a rotten Ambassador? You don’t have to register to lobby for that. Hunter Biden advised his dad to fire a prosecutor, did he register? Where’s the raid on Hunter’s house?,” Watters stated.

Watters stated that Giuliani even offered to cooperate in this politically motivated witch hunt.

But the powers that be in the Democrat Party would rather make an example of Giuliani and show the world that they’re out to get anyone who might be an ally to Donald Trump.

Watters concluded by saying, “That is attorney-client privilege and that’s sacred, everybody should respect that, so what did the prosecutors do? They just raided the guy’s house and you’re not disturbed by the pattern that two Trump lawyers have their homes raided and the campaign manager has his home raided and another confidant has his home raided? You’re not disturbed by that pattern?  The fact that Democrat prosecutors are waging political warfare for the benefit of the Democratic Party? Just to purge Trump because he challenged the system? That should scare everybody, Juan, this is a thin predicate and everybody knows it.”

Along with the violation of attorney-client privilege, many find it curious that the feds conveniently left behind the copy of Hunter’s harddrive, the proverbial smoking gun in the case against him.

Only time will tell what comes of the raid on Giuliani’s apartment, but one thing’s for sure – the former prosecutor isn’t going down without a fight.

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