Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling on Congress to do one thing Biden will hate

Joe Biden has been terrible as President in every conceivable way.

Yet he’s gotten only a fraction of the scrutiny that Donald Trump received.

And former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling on Congress to do one thing Biden will hate.

The corporate-controlled press refuses to take a hard look at the Biden crime family.

Impropriety and malfeasance seem to go hand in hand with the Bidens, but there isn’t an adversarial so-called “mainstream” media going after Joe Biden and his family.

But former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is calling for a full investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings around the globe.

Gingrich wrote in an op-ed:

“Despite every effort of the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the congressional Democrats and the propaganda media, Hunter Biden is going to end up being investigated – and the impact on President Joe Biden, his administration and his legacy is going to be enormous. As more stories about Hunter Biden’s meetings with foreign agents in Serbia, China and elsewhere come out, serious scrutiny will become unavoidable. The evidence is overwhelming that Hunter Biden’s activities in Ukraine, Russia and China have direct national security implications.”

Hunter Biden traveled around the world picking up bags of cash for “the big guy,” and even complained about it in messages pulled from his abandoned “laptop from hell.”

He was paid $83,000 per month by a Ukrainian energy company for a no-show position on the board of advisers.

Hunter had no experience in the energy sector and knew nothing about Ukrainian regulatory policy.

He did, however, have a father who was Vice President of the United States and was overseeing matters involving Ukraine.

Gingrich continued:

“Former U.S. Navy Lt. Tony Bobulinski has had virtually all his allegations of Biden corruption validated by the emails discovered in the Hunter Biden laptop. His allegations clearly implicated the president and his son – and suggest a Biden family mired in the most venal kinds of corruption. It resembles the scene from Jerry Maguire in which Tom Cruise has to repeatedly yell ‘show me the money’ to convince his football playing client to keep him as his agent. Imagine the contempt with which Chinese, Russian and Ukrainian bribers must have looked at the cocaine-using, prostitute-hiring son of a major national politician as they paid him again and again for influence.”

Instead of looking into Hunter Biden’s communications, the corporate-controlled press and Big Tech instead decided to suppress the story regarding Biden’s salacious laptop.

But at some point, the Bidens are going to need to answer some very difficult questions.

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