Former Chancellor Angela Merkel ignored this one warning from Donald Trump in 2018 that just came back to haunt people in Germany

    Donald Trump tried to warn former German Chancellor Angela Merkel that she was about to make a disastrous decision.

    But she refused to listen.

    And Angela Merkel ignored this one warning from Donald Trump in 2018 that just came back to haunt people in Germany.

    In 2018, former President Donald Trump set off a firestorm at the NATO Summit meeting in Brussels when he called out then-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel for depending on America for its defense while at the same time forking over billions of dollars to Russia for energy.

    Trump was referring to an agreement German leaders were considering making with Russia to buy natural gas from Moscow via the Nord Stream Pipeline.

    The former President warned that such a deal would make Germany “captive to Russia.”

    “Germany is totally controlled by Russia – they will be getting 60-70 per cent of their energy and a new pipeline,” Trump warned in 2018. “I think it’s not [appropriate] and it’s a very bad thing for NATO,” he added. “I think we have to talk to Germany about that.”

    Of course, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was not invited to the breakfast, responded by calling Trump wrong and claiming they would always be independent of Russia.

    But former Chancellor Merkel’s words are coming back to haunt Germany, as the country is facing a potential catastrophic energy disaster ahead of winter.

    When Germany sided with Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, President Vladimir Putin cut off the country’s supply of gas, leading to fears that many will be unable to heat their homes this winter.

    Over the past several years, Germany’s government declared war on energy in pursuit of a radical green agenda.

    This includes shutting down the country’s nuclear power plants, making Russian gas the only efficient source of energy available for Germany.

    German officials have already begun implementing severe restrictions on the use of energy in order to try to reduce the risk of shortages during the winter while nuclear power plants are reportedly being brought back online.

    But critics contend that it will be impossible to get the nuclear power plants back and functioning before the winter.

    Germans are now facing a potentially deadly winter thanks to the same radical green agenda Democrats are pushing on America.

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