Far-left Democrat Katie Hobbs gave one cowardly answer for why she won’t debate Kari Lake

Democrats are clinging to their majority in Congress.

And they do not have a strong pitch to voters going into the Midterms.

Now far-left Democrat Katie Hobbs gave one cowardly answer for why she won’t debate Kari Lake.

Arizona’s Democrat candidate for Governor Katie Hobbs is running scared from Republican challenger Kari Lake.

Hobbs refused to debate Lake, which even stunned Democrats, both publicly and privately.

An undercover journalist for Project Veritas recorded an Arizona Democrat field organizer admitting, “I’m scared. We have a lot of concerns about Katie’s campaign . . . She’s not debating Kari Lake . . . Between us, we had a big staff training. Her communications director came in and she’s only been in the job for a few weeks. She was not prepared. She was like, what are the questions you’re getting that you want an answer for from the campaign? Like, what are we hearing from voters and volunteers? And the number one thing is why aren’t you debating Kari Lake? She did not have an answer, and it’s like, you gotta know. You gotta know that’s the question that’s coming.”

Hobbs’ answer to the burning question that’s on Arizonans’ minds is that Lake is an “election denier.”

Yes, that’s the lame excuse that the Hobbs campaign came up with.

In the softest of softball interviews, Hobbs told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “All three top Republicans are election deniers. How do you debate someone who refuses to accept the truth, who doesn’t live in facts? And it doesn’t do any service to the voters in terms of deciding, look at the contrast between us and how we’re going to govern. If all she’s going to do is shout, shout over me, interrupt me, and spew lies.”

Democrats are hoping that claims of election denial will be enough to propel Hobbs to victory, but party officials are “anxious” that Hobbs is running behind Senator Mark Kelly.

The truth is that Hobbs knows she would get taken apart in a debate against Lake, who was a reporter for over two decades before getting into politics.

Democrats are also haunted by years of election denial on their part.

Their sanctimony about accepting election results is falling completely flat.

PBS offered to host a format where the candidates would get to make their pitch without debating one another, and Lake blasted the partisan network.

She said, “PBS, a supposedly-objective taxpayer-funded entity, is working overtime to help elect Katie Hobbs, who needs all the help she can get. PBS has now become complicit in Katie Hobbs’ attempt to destroy twenty years of gubernatorial debate tradition. We are actively working with the Clean Elections Commission and we continue to push for an opportunity for a real debate with both candidates on stage.”

But it’s clear that Hobbs wants no part of Lake on a debate stage.

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