Far-left attorney got the worst news of her life after an insane terror incident

Democrats and their corporate-controlled media allies spend plenty of time fear-mongering about right-wing extremism.

But they have a complete blindspot for left-wing extremism.

And a far-left attorney got the worst news of her life after an insane terror incident.

The corporate-controlled press has spent an incalculable amount of time covering the Capitol Hill riot on January 6.

Meanwhile, they have attempted to memory-hole the 2020 riots that led to dozens of deaths and billions of dollars in property damage.

And one communist lawyer just got sentenced to prison after participating in a New York City riot.

Fox News reported that a “now-disbarred New York City attorney was sentenced Friday to 15 months for firebombing an empty police vehicle along with another lawyer using a Molotov cocktail in the midst of violent clashes with authorities following the murder of George Floyd. Urooj Rahman asked a judge to spare her from serving prison time and give her a ‘second chance,’ in what she described as a lapse of judgment.”

When Rahman was arrested, she wore a T-shirt with the communist fist that read, “The struggle continues regardless.”


It seems bizarre that a working attorney would be throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers, but far-left revolutionaries have often been spoiled intellectuals.

The Weather Underground and SDS radical groups of the 1970s were composed mainly of middle-class and well-to-do kids.

Rahman said during sentencing, “I’m so incredibly sorry for my reckless and wrong actions . . . I don’t think there’s enough words to express my sorrow and regret . . . I completely lost my way in the emotion of the night.”

U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan praised Rahman, but also scolded her for her terroristic behavior.

Cogan said, “You’re a remarkable person who did a terrible thing on one night . . . It displays an amazing amount of arrogance . . . It’s just a very arrogant way to think.”

Even though Rahman won’t evade jail time, she will spend less time behind bars than some of the January 6 defendants who have been incarcerated for 40 months while awaiting trial for what’ve largely turned out to be misdemeanor trespassing charges.

Fox News added that “Rahman and Colinford Mattis, a corporate lawyer and Brooklyn community board member, were arrested after allegedly passing out incendiary devices to demonstrators in a crowd in Brooklyn during clashes with the NYPD, days after Floyd died in Minneapolis during an arrest. Floyd’s death set off a nationwide wave of protests and clashes between demonstrators and police. Both attorneys were arrested after Mattis, who was in the driver’s seat of a van, pulled over near the 88th police precinct, and Rahman got out and tossed a lit Molotov cocktail into a police cruiser.”

Conservatives cannot allow the Left to whitewash the months of terror they inflicted across the country throughout 2020.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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