Fani Willis’ week went from bad to worse after she got this devastating news


Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ case against Donald Trump is collapsing from her growing scandals.

She’s going to face a day of reckoning.

And Fani Willis’ week went from bad to worse after she got this devastating news.

The tables have been turned on Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis after she was caught in a kickback scheme to hire her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, as a special prosecutor on her criminal case against former President Donald Trump.

Her scandal put the case against Trump and 14 of his allies for challenging Georgia’s 2020 Election results in serious jeopardy.

Now it could also cost Willis her ability to practice law in the state of Georgia.

Fani Willis could lose her ability to practice law after an ethics complaint

Two ethics complaints were filed against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade by a watchdog group after their court testimony about their improper relationship.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) asked the Georgia state bar to open disciplinary proceedings into the pair of lovers for violating Georgia’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

The group alleges that Wade lied under oath about the nature of his relationship with Willis during her disqualification hearing.

Willis is accused of admitting on the witness stand of embezzling money from her district attorney’s race campaign account for her personal use.

“To ensure that the citizens of Fulton County and the State of Georgia understand that the Bar will not countenance any violation of its ethics by those charged with upholding it, we urge you to revoke Ms. Willis’ license to practice law and permanently bar her from practicing law,” the AAF said in their complaint against Willis.

The group filed a similar complaint against Wade asking the bar to revoke his law license and ban him from practicing law.

Fani Willis’ testimony under oath could haunt her

The AAF complaint highlighted one of the bombshell moments during Willis’ disqualification hearing before Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee.

She stepped in it when she tried to explain how she allegedly paid back Wade with cash that had no paper trail.

“Cash is fungible. I’ve had cash for years in my house. So for me to tell you the source of where it comes from . . . when you go to Publix and you buy something and you get fifty dollars and you throw it in there. It’s been my whole life. When I took out a large amount of money during my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that,” Willis said.

AAF said that testimony was an “admission of a clear violation of Georgia Campaign Finance law.”

Georgia campaign finance law expressly prohibits a candidate from using campaign money for “gifts, loans, or investments directly” to themselves.

“The statute is unambiguous – and the facts are not in dispute – as Ms. Willis described in her testimony, she placed the money that was intended for her campaign into a ‘fungible’ slush fund with other moneys that she would use for various other purposes, including reimbursing her boyfriend for leisure travel,” the AAF complaint added.

Fani Willis could have made a career-ending mistake on the witness stand.

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