Fani Willis made a shocking courtroom confession that no one saw coming

Photo by John Guccione from Pexels

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis found herself on the hot seat.

Willis’ indictment against Donald Trump is in serious jeopardy.

And Fani Willis made a shocking courtroom confession that no one saw coming.

In a surprise move, Fani Willis took the stand in a hearing to determine if her romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade and allegations the two used the Trump case to financially enrich themselves met the threshold for disqualification.

Wade and Willis submitted signed statements to the court that their affair didn’t begin until 2022.

But one of Willis’ former friends and co-workers Robin Yeartie testified that the two began seeing each other in 2019, years before the Trump case.

And Willis’ own testimony did little to help her case.

Willis admitted Wade was the only co-worker who visited her in 2021 at the condo Yeartie owned that she let Willis stay at while Yeartie looked for a new place to live.

During her testimony, an unhinged Willis snapped at lawyers questioning her and even yelled at Judge McAfee, leading to McAfee admonishing her twice.

But one the most consequential moments of Willis’ testimony came when defense lawyer Ashleigh Merchant questioned Willis about her claims that she paid Wade back after Wade purchased airline and cruise ship tickets.

These vacations are at the center of the allegations that Wade used the money he billed the taxpayers to personally benefit Willis.

Willis claimed she paid Wade back but could offer no proof, testifying that she only pays in cash and doesn’t keep checks.

The Fulton County DA said there would be ATM records of her withdrawing money to pay Wade back because she kept as much as $15,000 in untraceable cash stashed in her house at all times.

“When you meet my father, he’s going to tell you as a woman, you should always have — which I don’t have, so don’t tell him that — should have at least six months in cash at all time,” Willis testified. “I don’t know why this old Black man feels like that, but he does.”

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