Fani Willis got called one name that will send her over the edge


Fani Willis isn’t off the ropes yet in her criminal case against Donald Trump.

The Fulton County District Attorney is facing an onslaught of criticism over her conduct.

And Fani Willis got called one name that will send her over the edge.

Democrat lawyer urges Fani Willis to resign from Trump case

Even Judge Scott McAfee believed Willis acted unprofessionally on the witness stand and likely perjured herself with testimony about when her affair with Nathan Wade began, McAfee refused to disqualify her from the RICO case against Donald Trump for contesting the 2020 election.

Democrat lawyer Julian Epstein argued the damage was already done and if Willis actually cared about the case she would step down and let another prosecutor take it to trial.

Epstein described what Willis and Wade engaged in as a classic “kickback scheme,” where Willis hired Wade to work the case and Wade used the taxpayer money earned to financially benefit the couple by paying for vacations.

“Well, I think if Fani Willis had any real interest in this case, she would resign or recuse herself from it. This is an utter embarrassment. I mean, this looks to me, in my opinion, this was a kickback scheme, where she hired a boyfriend who was then providing her all kinds of benefits. I think the whole claim about, the reimbursements, is hard to believe. I think the claims about when the relationship began. I think those are very hard to believe. I think the judge was right to allow the Trump team to appeal. And, I think there’s not just that question about whether she should be kicked off the case. So I think there’s a question potentially about perjury, moving forward that the state could take up the legislature is going to look into. So I think there is, I mean, just the, you know, the standard in Georgia is the major conflict or the apparent civil conflict,” Epstein began.

Why is Fani Willis still on this case?

But critics contend that’s not what this is about at all.

Willis’ skeptics believe this case is about Willis building a profile to run for Governor or another statewide elected office in 2026, and thus her only chance at a political future is to see this through to the end and hope she wins a guilty verdict against Trump.

But Epstein thinks that’s not in the cards for Willis either, calling her conduct in this matter an “utter embarrassment.”

“And given that there is a strong appearance that Barney Lewis had any economic incentive for the case to move forward, I don’t know how you argue this is not an unbelievable conflict. In any case, this is an utter embarrassment, for the, you know, amongst many other embarrassments for, the . . . crowd that is, you know, prosecuting Trump in the 11th hour of this campaign,” Epstein concluded.

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