Fake News Media outlets are scrambling to cover for Joe Biden after this ugly news came out

A major economic measurement fell far short of analyst expectations last month.

And now members of the corporate-controlled media are desperately working to cover for a President who is clearly incapable of fixing the mess his administration created.

Sadly, the news they’re trying to sweep under the rug doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.

The New York Times joined other major media outlets with their version of “Why the November Job Report is Better Than It Looks.”

No doubt, their readers are ready to grasp at straws for good news after the stock market nosedived on word that United States businesses only added 210,000 jobs to the economy instead of the expected 500,000.

The article features pictures of a few “help wanted” type signs near the Columbus airport and proceeds to make the case that the jobs number doesn’t really matter – after all the unemployment rate fell from 4.6% to 4.2%.

In fact, the author argues, we’re in a tight job market.

But what he fails to point out is that the supply chain woes plaguing our supermarkets are having the same effects on the job market.

And, as much as empty store shelves are a visible problem, plenty of bank accounts are likely just as bare.

The current percentage of US adults in the labor force is 61.8% compared to 63.3% in February 2020.

That means about 3,874,500 Americans completely gave up on bringing in an income in less than two years.

The main reason cited is that a lot of people chose to retire early.

Even if that’s true, it doesn’t mean the economy is even close to healthy.

Those retiring early (whether to escape ridiculous pandemic work conditions or to care for grandchildren) should be replaced by young adults as college enrollment continues to decline.

We also know more than 3 million women dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic – probably mostly to care for their children – which means many families have less money coming in even as grocery store prices skyrocket.

The official inflation rate in October was 6.2%, but anyone who actually shops knows it’s much higher in reality – even if the Biden Administration wants to blame it on “supply chain” issues.

The USDA figured that out and even adjusted the “thrifty food plan” for 2021.

The system that’s been used for decades to determine the value of food stamps handed out to families had a major makeover this year with the conclusion that the “Thrifty Food Plan” allotment needs to be increased by 21%.

According to government estimates in October, the cost to feed a family of four with two parents and a six-year-old and eight-year-old is now $827.60 per month – or $9,931.20 per year.

Bigger families – or those with teenagers – will be shelling out hundreds more.

Add that to housing and rental prices increasing and there’s probably a whole lot of single income families getting pushed to the edge of what they can handle before they’re forced to send another parent off to work.

The only way the November job report is “better than it looks” is if you have a vested interest in not looking too closely at all.

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