Everyone should listen to this Cuban refugee’s dire warning about communism in America

We’ve reached a point in this country where Americans aren’t listening to one another, especially when our political views differ.

But when someone from another country is warning that we’re going down the dangerous and destructive same path his nation once did, we should probably take note.

And that’s why everyone should listen to this Cuban refugee’s warning about communism in America.

Between 1960 and 1962, over 14,000 unaccompanied minors were sent to the United States under Operation Peter Pan.

Alarmed parents had heard rumors that Fidel Castro and the communist party were planning to terminate parental rights and place their children in communist indoctrination camps.

One of those young Cuban refugees who came to America was Maximo Alvarez, who escaped Castro’s regime in 1961.

Today, Alvarez is a successful businessman, serving as the founder and owner of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc., and routinely speaks about the greatness of America at events around the country, such as last summer’s Republican National Convention.

“I know all about the past – I’ll never forget my own,” Alvarez told the RNC via livestream. “My family has fled totalitarianism and communism. And more than once. First from Spain, then from Cuba.”

“But my family is done leaving,” Alvarez declared. “By the grace of God, I have lived the American dream – the greatest blessing I’ve ever had. My dad, who only had a sixth-grade education told me, ‘Don’t lose this place. You’ll never be as lucky as me.’ […] There is nowhere left to go.”

Now, Alvarez is trying to send out a dire warning to the American people, and it’s based on his experience growing up and ultimately being forced to flee communism in Cuba.

In a recent podcast interview, after recounting how quickly Cubans’ rights evaporated under Castro’s regime, Alvarez said that he believes many Americans have already swallowed the “poison pill” of communism.

“Not only have they swallowed it, they digested it,” Alvarez said. “Listen to the media. They’re no longer objective. You can tell how much they hate this country.”

“Look at our, our academia!” he continued. “Our kids are not being . . . they’re indoctrinated! They are taught that America is a bad country. That we’re a bunch of racists, that we’re bad people, and we have to pay back.”

“If this country was racist, I wouldn’t be here,” Alvarez declared. “If this country was a racist country, most of us wouldn’t be here because even some people in your family came from another country.”

He went on to say that communism has been gaining momentum in the United States for years, and he primarily placed the blame for that on American Catholics who have refused to denounce abortion, those who banned prayer in schools, and those who want to enact gun control.

“Gun control? Every time there’s a shooting, you want to have gun control,” Alvarez said. “You know why? Because they’re afraid the only way out of this is a civil war.”

“Make sure that kids are no longer educated, they’re indoctrinated,” he added. “Make sure that people hate each other. Envy, hatred. Make sure that the blacks hate the whites. Make sure that the rich hate the poor. Make sure that the people who live in the city hate the people who live on the farm. It’s all part of the Communist Manifesto, and Saul Alinsky points that out very, very well.”

It’s undoubtedly a chilling warning from someone who has firsthand experience with how communism can slowly begin to spread until it has taken over a nation.

Obviously, many Americans have been warning about this exact type of thing for years, but no one on the far-left wanted to listen to those warnings.

Maybe a warning from a Cuban refugee will actually wake them up to the reality of what they’re actually doing before it’s too late.

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