Everyone is losing their minds after Biden signed this Executive Order

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a complete disaster so far.

He’s destroyed the border and made the United States a laughing stock on the world stage.

And now everyone is losing their minds after Biden signed this Executive Order.

Joe Biden has been bowing down to the enemies of America both foreign and domestic since being inaugurated back in January.

On the world stage, he has done everything in his power to negotiate with Iranian terrorists for the United States to reenter the failed Iranian Nuclear Deal. 

But that’s nothing compared to what he is doing right here at home.

Under his “leadership,” Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals run rampant through the streets while the police have their hands tied behind their backs.

And his infection of the U.S. Armed Forces with Critical Race Theory is morphing the fighting force of this country into just another arm of the Democrat Party.

But Joe Biden just signed an Executive Order that made it so much worse.

On Friday, Biden signed the order that “establishes an ambitious, whole-of-government initiative that will take a systematic approach to embedding DEIA [diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility] in Federal hiring and employment practices.”

The Daily Caller reports that “within the order, there is a requirement for “diversity trainings” like those offered by Sandia National Laboratories.”

“During a three-day ‘White Men’s Caucus,’ male employees were required to recite ‘white privilege’ and ‘male privilege’ statements, according to leaked documents reported on by Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo. Trainers at the caucus told the participants that ‘white supremacists,’ ‘KKK,’ ‘Aryan Nation,’ ‘MAGA hat,’ ‘privileged’ and ‘mass killings’ were all associated with ‘white male culture,’” the report continued.

Biden doesn’t care that there is no evidence diversity trainings do any good – in fact, there is evidence it does harm.

But Biden isn’t doing this for “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” – he’s doing it to make sure anyone who supports Donald Trump and America First conservatives is labelled and treated as a terrorist and a menace to society.

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