Even this beloved American tradition is no longer safe from the radical Left

The radical Left becomes more emboldened by the day.

Perhaps that should be no surprise as Democrat party leaders frequently call for their supporters to take to the streets.

But even this beloved American tradition is no longer safe from the radical Left.

Every year on Independence Day, Nathan’s Hot Dogs celebrates the founding of our great nation with a speed hot dog eating contest.

The annual tradition dates back to 1972.

The event even airs on ESPN.

Contestants have 10 minutes to eat and keep down as many hot dogs as possible – with whomever downs the most winning the day.

Joey Chestnut has become a household name by winning 13 of the last 14 titles heading into the 2022 competition.

Last year, Chestnut broke the world record by destroying 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

Think about that – that’s seven and a half hotdogs and buns per minute, plus one to go on.

But this year, Chestnut had a couple obstacles on his road to a 15th title.

First of all, he entered the competition with a broken leg.

That doesn’t sound like it should make much of a difference, until you understand that it is a standing event.

But the bigger obstacle was the radical animal rights activist who tried to ruin the 4th of July tradition.

In a move straight out of the PETA playbook, the agitator stormed the stage wearing a Darth Vader mask and flanked by two peers dressed as stormtroopers.

The activist was holding a sign reading, “Expose Smithfield Death Star.”

Smithfield Farms is the “largest pig farm in the nation” and supplied hot dogs to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

However, the protest didn’t last long.

Chestnut, on one leg, chokes out the radical Leftist and tosses him to the ground like a rag doll in a must-see moment.

As you can see in the above video, Chestnut in one fluid motion, shoves a hotdog in his mouth, disposes of the invader and then doubles down with another dog.

It’s six-seconds that will make your day – and better yet – make you proud to be an American.

Despite the WWE-like outside interference, Chestnut munched down 60 hotdogs and buns and claimed the victory – his 15th in 16 years.

As for the animal rights nut?

He’ll likely think twice before messing with another American icon!

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