Even Gavin Newsom is finally realizing what most Americans have known all along about COVID

They may claim that the “science has changed.”

But now, we know Fauci lied all along.

That’s why even Gavin Newsom is finally realizing what most Americans have known all along.

Simply put, Americans are done with government COVID lockdowns, mandates, and rules.

And even the most tyrannical, leftist politicians are starting to understand that.

Radical leftist New York Governor Kathy Hochul is set to announce an end to COVID mitigation measures, according to The New York Times.

And later this week, the rule requiring businesses in New York to demand proof of vaccination from customers is set to expire, as is the indoor mask mandate.

The Virginia State Senate, still controlled by Democrats, just passed Democrat authored legislation ending the school mask mandate – it is expected to easily pass the house and be signed by the Republican Governor.

Democrat-controlled Nevada just dropped their school mask mandate, an announcement greeted by wild cheers as students were informed of the decision.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced an end to the state’s indoor mask mandate for vaccinated people beginning February 15, although it is up to local jurisdictions to make their own decision on the rule.

New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy, another Democrat, said his state would no longer require students and school employees to wear masks.

Democrat Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said he recommended ending the statewide mask mandate in schools and childcare centers starting February 28.

In Delaware, Governor John Carney said that public and private K-12 mask mandates would expire on March 31.

This means there will be just over a dozen states and D.C. left that have not ended student mask requirements.

But other cities and states could end mandates soon.

As one public health expert recently told Newsweek, “it makes sense to have an off-ramp for mandates now.”

But not because, as some Fauciists would have you believe, the science has changed. No, what has changed is the poll numbers.

Or more precisely, what has changed is Democrats are reading the poll numbers as the 2022 elections loom larger.

And every major poll clearly shows one thing: Americans are done with the Communist Chinese created COVID pandemic and more specifically the government’s unconstitutional responses to it.

This has caused for a large number of very nervous Democrats who see their control of both houses of congress, and numerous state legislatures, slipping away.

And just like that Democrats are claiming “the science has changed.”

Democrat-led states are scrambling to end COVID lockdowns and mandates as fast as they can, all the while using government mouthpieces and “medical experts” to explain their sudden change of heart.

“It makes sense to have an off-ramp for mandates now and allow people as much normalcy as possible before another variant threatens to upend our lives again,” said Dr. Leana Wen, professor of health policy and management at George Washington University, and former head of Planned Parenthood.

“Pandemic restrictions were always meant to end at the soonest possibility,” she told Newsweek.

But most political observers see this for what it really is; Democrats grasping for straws trying to hold on to any power they can.

By trying to get rid of COVID lockdowns and mandates as an issue they can attempt to focus on other issues killing them with voters, like inflation and the economy.

The main question now is, will the American people buy this blatant Democrat attempt at COVID hypocrisy for political gain?

Or, like many Americans, will the voters remember the damage done by democrat adherents to Fauciism? Damage to the economy, damage to our children, damage to small businesses, damage to the Constitution, and the deaths of tens of thousands caused by Fauci and his lies?

The answer to these questions well be vital as November approaches.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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