Even Democrats are blasting one insane defense of Joe Biden’s economy

Joe Biden’s Presidency is shaping up to be one of the worst in contemporary history.

He’s exploded so many crises in short order.

And even Democrats are blasting one insane defense of Joe Biden’s economy.

Joe Biden has done a horrible job managing the economy.

He paid people not to work, which spurred a labor shortage crisis.

Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and banned new fracking projects on federal land, which triggered speculation in the oil markets, causing energy prices to go up.

The rise in energy costs has led to the highest inflation seen in 30 years.

Biden’s response was to beg OPEC nations to pump more oil after he undercut America’s energy independence.

After that move failed, Biden pumped 50 million barrels of oil from America’s emergency reserves, which represented a drop in the bucket.

When all was said and done, the price of gas dropped a whopping two cents, and Democrats had the gall to brag about it in an absurd chart.

This isn’t the first time Democrats boasted about a meaningless drop in prices.

Biden took a victory lap after calculating an alleged 16 cents worth of savings for Independence Day.

Even Democrats in the corporate-controlled press had to shake their heads.

Daniel Dale of CNN said, “This is parody-level misleading-with-axes stuff.”

Glenn Kessler of The Washington Post added, “What an utterly ridiculous chart. Truly dumb.”

The Biden administration is coming to be characterized by embarrassment and tone-deafness.

Not even the corporate-controlled press can cover up the failure.

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