Elon Musk stopped Joe Biden from starting nuclear war with this secret decision

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The American people had no idea how close President Joe Biden brought the entire world to utter disaster.

All of civilization was at risk.

But Elon Musk stopped President Biden from starting a nuclear war with this secret decision.

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden jumped into the Ukraine War with weapons and American taxpayer dollars after Russia invaded in February of 2022.

According to President Biden’s State of the Union, this was done “because it keeps the peace and prevents open season for would-be aggressors to threaten our security and prosperity.”

To date, President Biden has spent over $140 billion to secure Ukraine’s border with Russia while America is being overrun by an unprecedented flood of illegal immigration.

But until now, the American people were unaware of how close the Biden-backed scheme to fund the Ukrainian war effort came to wiping human civilization off the face of the earth.

Reporter Walter Isaacson’s forthcoming biography of Elon Musk – entitled Musk – contained a previously unknown anecdote about how Elon Musk stopped the Ukrainians from staging a mini-Pearl Harbor and escalating the war to the point where Russia responded with nuclear weapons.

Last year, a fleet of Ukrainian submarine drones targeted the Russian Naval fleet docked near the Crimean cost.

But the drones “lost connectivity and washed ashore harmlessly.”

That’s because Musk reportedly told his engineers to turn off the Starlink satellites Musk allowed the Ukrainians to use for communications purposes.

Musk did not want his satellites used for offensive maneuvers, which Russian officials warned could lead to nuclear retaliation.

“How am I in this war?” Musk reportedly said in an interview with Isaacson.

“Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars. It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.”

Biden officials, like National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, demanded Musk allow the Ukrainians to use his satellites to take the war to Russian soil.

The Ukrainians beseeched Musk to allow them to weaponize his technology.

But Musk refused, saying a Ukrainian attack in Crimea risked turning a strategic defeat into a nuclear holocaust.

“Meanwhile, Mykhailo Fedorov, a deputy prime minister of Ukraine, was pleading with Musk to restore connectivity for the submarine drones by telling Musk about their capabilities in a text message,” according to Isaacson. “I just want you – the person who is changing the world through technology – to know this,” Fedorov told Musk, CNN reported.

“Musk, the CEO of electric carmaker Tesla and private space exploration firm SpaceX, replied that he was impressed with the design of the submarine drones, but that he wouldn’t turn satellite coverage back on for Crimea because Ukraine ‘is now going too far and inviting strategic defeat,’ according to Isaacson,” CNN also reported.

Musk confirmed these details in a post on X – the app formerly known as Twitter – saying an attack on Crimea represented an untenable risk, and he did not want to be involved in an act of aggression that could lead to nuclear war.

“There was an emergency request from government authorities to activate Starlink all the way to Sevastopol. The obvious intent being to sink most of the Russian fleet at anchor. If I had agreed to their request, then SpaceX would be explicitly complicit in a major act of war and conflict escalation,” Musk wrote.

President Joe Biden just recently asked Congress for $24 billion more in taxpayer funding for this now-endless war in Ukraine, just as the much-hyped Ukrainian counteroffensive fizzles out.

Many conservatives want to cut off the blank check before this conflict spirals out of control and ensure the decision to escalate the war is not in the hands of someone like Elon Musk.

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