Elon Musk just had another huge problem dropped in his lap

    Elon Musk’s chances of taking over Twitter are on life support.

    The deal went sideways and now he’s embroiled in a court battle.

    And Musk just had another huge problem dropped in his lap.

    Elon Musk’s Twitter deal blew up.

    Dissatisfied with the company’s ability to calculate how many fake accounts populated the platform, Musk backed away from his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

    And that’s not the only thing that blew up on Musk.

    Another one of his Tesla vehicles spontaneously caught fire, a serious problem among electric vehicles.

    Breitbart reported that “yet another electric vehicle built by Elon Musk’s Tesla has caught fire and caused serious problems for firefighters attempting to extinguish the vehicle, this time taking over 25,000 gallons of water for firefighters in Stamford, Connecticut, to get the inferno under control . . . [F]ire departments have begun recognizing that electric vehicle fires pose a significant danger and need further training to handle them appropriately. First responders in Oklahoma recently underwent special training to handle electric vehicle (EV) crashes and fires following a growing number of incidents throughout the U.S. One training coordinator explained why special EV training is required, explaining: ‘They burn significantly hotter so they can throw a 2,000-degree flame out like a torch.’”

    The obsession with green technology has come at the neglect of properly examining the downsides.

    One of the main problems with electric vehicles is that it requires a lot of fossil fuels to mine for the minerals needed to produce the batteries.

    Additionally, the batteries can burn too hot and catch fire.

    In this most recent Connecticut incident, it took 600 gallons of water per minute to extinguish the blaze.

    Deputy Chief Eric Lorenz explained, “We know from other fire departments’ experiences that large amounts of water are the only solution when compared to a traditional vehicle fire . . . This is no routine car fire . . . It requires special handling.”

    Recently, an electric transit bus in Hamden, Connecticut spontaneously caught fire.

    Despite the problems with electric vehicles, Democrats are feverishly pushing them on the American people even though the demand and infrastructure are not in place.

    The electrical grid in California was so strained that Governor Gavin Newsom implored EV owners not to charge their cars, ironically enough a week after the state announced they would ban the sale of gas-powered cars.

    Yet somehow the state is supposed to be able to support everyone owning an EV.

    The green push simply does not make sense.

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