Elon Musk got a headache when he was hit with one huge electric vehicle problem

Elon Musk has been getting pilloried for taking over Twitter.

But he also has other companies to worry about.

And Musk got a headache when he was hit with one huge electric vehicle problem.

Globalist politicians are itching to move the world toward “green” technology.

Their new favorite word is “sustainability,” which is an umbrella term used to encompass all of their climate initiatives.

Part of that sustainability model includes a relentless push toward electric vehicles, and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has been instrumental with the popularization of Teslas.

However, EVs are running up against serious practical concerns.

Recently, Tesla was called out for not functioning during a winter storm.

The Daily Mail reported that “[f]urious Tesla owners have complained about being locked out of their car after their door handles froze shut during a massive winter storm in Canada and the US. Rachel Modestino, a meteorologist from Ontario, was unable to get into her sleek black Tesla when her door latch wouldn’t budge on December 23 when temperatures hit a low of five degrees Fahrenheit. Modestino posted a now-viral video with more than 10.1 million views of her struggle as the car was partially covered in ice.”

The incident drew strong critics and defenders of Tesla.

Some pointed out that people shouldn’t have to go to Twitter to research how to get inside their car when it’s cold outside.

Others also experienced winter problems.

Business Insider reported that “[i]t’s not been a happy start to the holidays for Domenick Nati after his Tesla refused to charge in freezing temperatures. The 44-year-old radio presenter, from Lynchburg in eastern Virginia, told Insider it was 19 degrees (minus 7 C) when he plugged his Tesla S into a supercharger on Friday as his battery was down to 40%. ‘Two hours went by and not much changed . . . It was very slow and the numbers got lower as the temperature dropped. Eventually, it stopped charging altogether . . . He later tried charging the vehicle at home, but was not successful there either. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, he decided to drive to another Tesla supercharger. ‘Battery is heating – Keep charge cable inserted,’ Nati said the screen showed at 1:11 p.m. However, the battery range still hadn’t increased an hour later.”

These are serious concerns that the climate zealots have not considered.

A car that won’t charge in inclement weather is a serious problem that could mean life or death in certain situations.

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