Elon Musk furiously pounded the table after one video of a Tesla fail was released

Tech billionaire Elon Musk is juggling two highly publicized companies.

Musk has come under intense scrutiny from the establishment after purchasing Twitter.

Now Musk furiously pounded the table after one video of a Tesla fail was released.

The elites are intensely pushing for radical climate action, including eliminating gas-powered cars.

However, electric vehicles are not as “green” as the environmentalists want them to be.

They require a significant amount of carbon emissions to produce, and the more strain on the electric grid means more goal and natural gas.

Adding to that, the electric car zealots are pushing for self-driving cars, but there are still some serious kinks to work out.

Not long after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a self-driving feature on the cars, a self-driving Tesla abruptly stopped and caused an eight-car wreck.

Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein wrote on Twitter, “I obtained surveillance footage of the self-driving Tesla that abruptly stopped on the Bay Bridge, resulting in an eight-vehicle crash that injured 9 people including a 2 yr old child just hours after Musk announced the self-driving feature.”

The accident occurred on Thanksgiving Day in San Francisco on the Bay Bridge.

Hours earlier, Musk announced, “Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America who requests it from the car screen, assuming you have bought this option. Congrats to Tesla Autopilot/AI team on achieving a major milestone!”

Despite the obvious issues with self-driving cars, radical climate activists are all in.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg once remarked, “[H]uman drivers aren’t just problematic. They are murderous. Forty thousand people a year die in a car crash. And we have been bathed in this level of carnage all our lives. And so we’re a bit like people who grow up in a place that’s experiencing a war, in terms of how normal we think that is…[Technology] is not always the answer to everything. But frankly, it would be hard to do worse than human drivers when it comes to what we could get to theoretically with the right kind of safe autonomous driving.”

This is what the elites want – they are in favor of anything that removes freedom from individuals.

Governments are already moving forward with “climate” lockdowns.

It’s obvious to see where the elites want to go with electric vehicles.

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