Elon Musk asked one important question that left Joe Biden seething with rage

    Joe Biden is one of the worst Presidents in history.

    He’s getting criticism from all sides.

    And Elon Musk asked one important question that left Joe Biden seething with rage.

    Joe Biden ran for President promising a radical open borders agenda and to dismantle Donald Trump’s successful border security policies.

    He’s done more damage than anyone could have imagined creating the worst border crisis in the country’s history.

    The border crisis is spiraling out of control with a Biblical flood of illegal aliens and dangerous drugs pouring into the country.

    The overwhelmed Border Patrol is encountering record numbers of illegals trying to cross into the country.

    While the border is in complete chaos under Joe Biden, the corporate-controlled media and the Democrat Party have ignored this catastrophe.

    Bill Melugin of Fox News is one of the few intrepid reporters on the ground covering the border crisis.

    Reporting from Eagle Pass, Texas, Melugin revealed that another wave of illegals was crossing the border.

    “These two large groups totaling 200+ also crossed illegally into Eagle Pass, TX this morning, again, predominantly single adults. Eagle Pass is part of Border Patrol’s Del Rio sector, which had seen approx 400,000 illegal crossings since October,” Melugin said. “Bigger than population of New Orleans.”

    In just one section of the border in Texas the number of illegals crossing is greater than major American cities in less than a year.

    Elon Musk raised eyebrows when he replied to Melugin on social media.

    “400k from one border crossing in less than a year?” Musk replied.

    “That’s correct, 400,000 in just the Del Rio sector since fiscal year 2022 began on October 1st, and that does not include gotaways,” Melugin replied to Musk.

    Gotaways are illegals who are spotted crossing the border but not caught by officials.

    This a human catastrophe with many more illegals slipping into the country undetected on top of the gotaways.

    “Strange that this receives very little attention in the media,” Musk replied to Melugin.

    The corporate-controlled media has ignored the story to cover up the Biden regime’s massive failure on the border.

    Joe Biden and border czar Vice President Kamala Harris are sitting on their hands while the crisis spirals out of control.

    In his nearly five-decade political career, Joe Biden has never visited the border while Harris as border czar only made one brief trip to the border town of El Paso, Texas but didn’t visit the actual border.

    Elon Musk is living on the front lines of the border crisis in South Texas near the launch facility for his SpaceX company.

    The corporate-controlled media only took interest in the border crisis to express outrage after Texas bused illegals to the sanctuary cities of Washington, D.C. and New York City where the Democrat Mayors panicked after receiving a miniscule number.

    Joe Biden’s border crisis is another dereliction of duty by the regime propagandists in the corporate-controlled media.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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