Elizabeth Warren’s viewpoints have always been “different” but this latest statement has many wondering if she’s even part of reality

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has had some really out there policy proposals and is known for her incredibly left-wing stance on most everything.

Recently, she called for more censorship on the Internet, complaining platforms like Facebook weren’t doing enough.

Elizabeth Warren’s viewpoints have always been “different” but this latest statement has many wondering if she’s even part of reality.

Some are questioning if Senator Elizabeth Warren is reading the same numbers the rest of America is reading.

During a recent interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Warren declared that Biden’s economy is “strong.”

“So I look at it this way, there are a lot of strong signs in this economy, particularly coming out of the pandemic a lot of good economic indicators,” Warren said.

The statement has many questioning what reports the Senator is reading.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers are in the toilet and most of it is because of the current state of the United States economy.

Gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation is raising the costs of consumer goods across the board, and the supply chain is an absolute disaster.

What is “strong” about any of that?

But the Senator wasn’t done there.

Warren went on to discuss childcare and prescription costs and explain that’s why America needs Biden’s socialist “Build Back Better” plan.

“From the time I was trying to get childcare to today, child care expenses have gone up nearly 1,000% for parents. Anybody who is trying to take care of an elderly parent and needs home-based care for it has seen the prices go through the roof. Anybody who is taking a prescription to have it filled has just seen huge price increases,” Warren continued.

Senator Warren believes that the government must shoulder these expenses and provide for people – clear steps towards socialism.

“That will give us universal child care and pre-K that’s, that is going to give us home and community-based care, and it’s going to give us negotiation on drug prices and help bring those costs down. I want to see us move to lower the cost for American families for hard-working families. The way to do that is pass Build Back Better,” she concluded.

Elizabeth Warren, like many others in her party, is pushing for a socialist country where the people are dependent on the government for everything.

This is a sure fire way to destroy a once free and prosperous nation.

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