Elizabeth Warren proved she’s a fraud with one attack on Elon Musk

The attacks on Elon Musk are getting more intense.

He has thrown the Democrats into a state of chaos by simply taking control of Twitter.

And Elizabeth Warren proved she’s a fraud with one attack on Elon Musk.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been exposed as a fraud on multiple fronts.

First, she got caught lying about Native American heritage – she used her fake status as a “Native American” to get a teaching position at Harvard.

Warren also shed her moderate persona for a hard-left turn where she now advocates for policies to the left socialist Europe.

Warren wants a wealth tax, namely taxing unrealized gains, something that was an utter disaster in Europe when it was attempted.

Now Warren is going after Musk because he wants to return a culture of free speech to Twitter.

During an interview when asked about free speech on the platform, Warren deflected to take a shot at Musk.

She said, “I think that one human being should not decide how millions of people communicate with each other, and it doesn’t make any difference who that human being is. One human being should not be able to go into a dark room by himself and decide, ‘Oh, that person gets heard from, that person doesn’t.’ That’s not how it should work.”

First, Warren had no problem when the previous regime got to decide who was allowed to speak online.

She has no problem with Facebook or other platforms censoring whoever she likes.

Warren’s left-wing populist shtick does not ring true because she’s very much in favor of censorship that benefits the regime.

Warren added, “[T]hose decisions are going to be made. I think they ought to be made transparently out in the open. And I think a lot of people ought to be able to have input to it. And that’s not what’s happening right now on Twitter.”

That is completely false.

Musk has been transparent about his decisions regarding content moderation.

In the past, any questions regarding censorship largely fell on deaf ears.

Now people can appeal directly to Musk, and he has taken input from Twitter users in the form of polls.

Musk tweeted, “Should Twitter offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts, provided that they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?”

Roughly 75% of 3.2 million respondents said yes.

That is far more democratic than the black box approach from the previous regime.

Warren simply doesn’t like Musk because he exposed the idiocy and insincerity of her anti-free market rhetoric.

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