Educrats are outraged as this university just hired Jordan Peterson as its new Chancellor

The radical Left has been very successful sinking its claws into and taking over American institutions.

Big Education, Big Media, Big Tech, are all ruled by the woke Left.

But now one university just blew the minds of the far-Left by making this free speech advocate its new Chancellor.

For decades, the model has been, graduate high school, go to college, then begin your career.

It’s a blueprint that has been shoved down the throats of all students by their guidance counselors, no matter their interests or academic abilities.

In the process, a generation of students have been left behind.

Meanwhile, college has become more about the “experience,” than education and preparation for life in the working world.

Public and private universities alike offer nonsense majors, like “gender studies,” that have no application in the real world.

Campuses are littered with Social Justice propaganda, attacks on the nuclear family and gender, and communist propaganda.

Meanwhile, the cost of a degree is skyrocketing and the value of that piece of paper plummets.

One university is taking a stand in an attempt to reverse the disturbing trend that threatened the next generation of the American Dream.

Ralston College in Savannah, Georgia has hired Dr. Jordan Peterson to be its new Chancellor.

“As Chancellor, Dr Peterson is the formal and ceremonial head of Ralston College,” the university posted on its website. “The most ancient role at the university — with its origins in the Middle Ages — the Chancellor is both a symbol and a guardian: a symbol of continuity with centuries of artistic creation and philosophical reflection; of intellectual community and discovery; and a guardian of the freedoms on which these depend, of the activities that sustain them, and of the ceremonies that crown them. Above all, the Chancellorship advances the university’s most fundamental aim: to kindle and enlarge the human spirit. Ralston College is greatly honored to have Dr Peterson as its Chancellor.”

Dr. Peterson is best known for his stance against the Canadian government from forcing him to use inaccurate gender pronouns by law.

He is also a best-selling author, most notably for his book, 12 Rules for Life.

The YouTube phenomenon recently left his tenured teaching position at Toronto University.

On his way out the door, he publicly blasted the academy as a corrupt vehicle for advancing woke culture.

It appears parents now have at least one decent choice to send their kids to for higher education.

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