Dr. Fauci went on Fox News and you’ll never guess what happened next

Dr. Fauci is on another one of his media tours.

Fauci loves the spotlight.

But Dr. Fauci went on Fox News and you’ll never guess what happened next.

Dr. Fauci made the rounds on cable news to discuss his retirement announcement.

A publicity hound like Dr. Fauci would never miss the chance to bask in the glow of the TV cameras.

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Fauci blatantly lied to the American people, claiming he never supported shutting down the entire economy.

Cavuto asked Dr. Fauci if he regretted supporting lockdowns due to the fact that closing businesses and schools inflicted massive damage on the country.

“You had said a number of times, doctor, on this show as well, that your response to COVID might not have been perfect, but it was in the times and the fast moments in which you lived and were making those decisions,” Cavuto began. “So, looking back at some of those decisions, including masks – you were first opposed to them and then embraced them – the severity of the epidemic itself and completely shutting down virtually an entire American economy. Do you regret the shutdown, the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse?”

Of course, Dr. Fauci – who loves to play both sides of every issue – tried to claim there was never any sort of shutdown, even though Fauci himself spent months declaring his support for a total lockdown on the nation.

“No, I don’t, Neil,” Fauci barked back. “And in fact, I think we need to make sure that your listeners understand, I didn’t shut down anything.”

“There was a lot of consideration among the White House task force that we were reaching a point where the hospitals such as in New York City and other places were being strained to the point of practically being overwhelmed,” he claimed. “And when Dr. Birx and I came with the proposal that we take 15 days to essentially get to the point where we slow, if not shut some things down, not completely.”

Fauci continued by claiming, “The record will show that we didn’t shut things down. We wanted to cause a pause, if you’ll remember the terminology, to flatten the curve.”

Dr. Fauci is clearly not telling the truth about his support for lockdowns – the “record,” he’s speaking of, clearly proves that.

Fauci was the king of lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021.

And now, Fauci is only trying to gaslight people into forgetting his support for the failed lockdowns because he is afraid of investigations from a potential Republican majority next year.

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