Dr. Fauci was interviewed by CNN and what he let slip just changed everything

Dr. Anthony Fauci has not been in the good graces of the American people.

His constant flip-flopping and demeaning behavior has rubbed everyone the wrong way.

And Dr. Fauci was just interviewed by CNN and what he let slip just changed everything.

Unelected officials and politicians can’t get enough of the COVID-19 panic.

One of the worst offenders has to be none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci himself.

He has lied, betrayed, and sold out the American people all for his own benefit and his political agenda and expediency.

And it looks like there’s no signs of that stopping.

Earlier this week in an interview with NPR, Fauci stunned Americans by saying he was “hopeful” that we could return to normalcy by the fall of 2022.

But only if Americans are good little sheep and get that vaccine he wants everyone to get, regardless of their personal medical freedom.

Many Americans thought that was outrageous considering we already have the vaccine and there’s nothing stopping us from returning to “normalcy” now.

But after he received immense backlash from the American people for his fall 2022 normalcy prediction, he walked it all back in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, saying he simply “misspoke.”

Yahoo! News reports:

“No, Anderson, I have to apologize,” he told anchor Anderson Cooper. “When I listened to the tape, I meant to say the spring of 2022, so I did misspeak. And in the conversation with Mary Louise Kelly, she was saying, when do I think we can get some control? I said if we can get through this winter and get really the overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated, vaccinated, I hope we could start to get some good control in the spring of 2022. I didn’t mean the fall. I misspoke, my bad.”

It’s obvious that Fauci didn’t like the negative press he was getting and simply decided to change his “opinion” on the topic and just chalk it up to a simple mistake of misspeaking.

Fauci is a flip-flopper and everyone knows that.

Not only that, but his fear of Americans enjoying their lives without the government breathing down their necks about staying home is foolish.

The vaccine has been available for months.

If someone wants to be vaccinated, they can. But if you don’t want the vaccination, you shouldn’t have to get the jab.

Forcing Americans to vaccinate before we “allow” Americans to resume their normal lives is entirely draconian and anti-American.

Dr. Fauci is even saying he is looking forward to the FDA approving either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for children as young as four years old by the “end of the calendar year and at the latest, into the first quarter of 2022.”

Vaccinating children makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Less than 400 minors under the age of 18 have died from COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Fauci is just showing how deadset he is to make sure every American is vaccinated before he “lets” us all enjoy life – and then he’ll find some other reason to move the goalposts for returning to normal.

He’s certainly earned the name Fascist Fauci.

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