Dr. Fauci isn’t going to like what Bill Maher just said on his show

No left-wing TV host seems willing to call out Dr. Anthony Fauci for his insane lies.

That all changed with a recent airing of Bill Maher’s show Real Time with Bill Maher

And Dr. Fauci isn’t going to like what he said on his show. 

Being firmly on the Left, Bill Maher was a strong force in pushing fake news during Donald Trump’s Presidency. 

He called Trump a fascist, and claimed that he would have praised both Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler as “strong leaders.”

But through that madness, he had moments where he completely bucked the so-called “mainstream” media and called them out when they have gone completely off the rails. 

Recently, he went so far as to call out the Left’s politically correct nonsense, stating that it makes America vulnerable to the threats coming from China. 

That caused an uproar from the Left, who generally worship the words that come out of his mouth.

But it is nothing compared to the left-wing outrage by his new segment about what he calls coronavirus “panic porn.” 

During his show, he always lists a new “rule,” about current events. 

On Friday’s show, the rule was “Give It to Me Straight, Doc,” and he called out the entire Left for their handling of COVID-19. 

In the segment he accused the liberal media of overreacting to conservatives and Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, even going so far to admit that Republicans in states like Florida and Texas have done a better job on the issue than blue states. 

“And media, well, I think we all know, if it bleeds, it leads,” Maher said. “The more – the more they can get you to stay inside and watch their panic porn, the higher the ratings. When researchers at Dartmouth built a database recently monitoring the COVID coverage of the major news outlets across the world, and found that, while other countries mix the good news in with the bad, the U.S. national media reported almost 90 percent bad news. Even as things were getting better, the reporting remained negative.”

He also praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, stating that despite the Left’s disdain for Floridians, he actually had the foresight to protect the elderly, who are most vulnerable, while states like New York put them at greater risk by forcing nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients. 

Maher stated, “But apparently [Governor DeSantis] is also a voracious consumer of the scientific literature, and maybe that’s why he protected his most vulnerable population – the elderly – way better than did the Governor of New York.”

Bill Maher spoke more truth in this segment than all of CNN’s reporting in the last year have. 

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