Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when he heard this major 2024 announcement

The 2024 election is already starting to take shape.

The GOP establishment is looking to regain control of the party. 

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear when he heard this major 2024 announcement.

After a disappointing Midterm election, which saw Democrats increase their Senate majority by a single seat, conservatives are turning their attention to the 2024 election.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Republican establishment laid the blame on pro-Trump conservative candidates for the GOP’s disappointing showing in the last election.

The GOP establishment blamed “candidate quality” for the losses in the Midterm elections after they stabbed conservatives in the back to hand President Joe Biden major legislative victories and cut off funding conservative Senate candidates.

And now Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), the new chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has signaled he’s willing to wade into GOP primaries to stop conservative candidates.

With a favorable Senate map in 2024, Republicans can regain control of the upper chamber and send more fighters to Washington, D.C. if conservative candidates can make it through Republican primaries.

Voters will have a chance to send an America First conservative to the Senate after Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) threw his hat in the ring for Indiana’s open Senate seat in 2024.

The Indiana seat opened up after incumbent Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) announced he was leaving the Senate to return home and run for Governor.

Banks, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, became the first major Republican candidate to declare for the race.

The Indiana Congressman was first elected to the House in 2016 and earned the Trump endorsement in his 2020 House race.

In his announcement, Banks pledged to be a “conservative fighter” and take on Democrats’ left-wing agenda such as Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideologies.

“The radical Left is engaged in a war to change America, and if we’re not going to fight back against it, then we’ve given up,” Banks told the Daily Mail. “And I’m not the type of leader that’s ever gonna give up.”

Banks put any potential GOP primary challengers on notice in the deeply red Hoosier State.

“And there are some Republicans that want to go back to the old school era of establishment politics, where we go along to get along, and I don’t think that’s going to work anymore,” Banks said.

While Banks is the first major candidate to declare for the race, the GOP establishment could be preparing to enter their own candidate, former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Daniels, who served former President George W. Bush’s administration, called for a “truce” on social issues with Democrats in 2012 when he was considering running for President.

Banks said that he would welcome an endorsement from Trump and the former President’s help in campaigning. 

The Indiana Senate race could be a showdown between conservatives and the establishment for the future of the GOP.

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