Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear after he heard Joe Biden’s latest move

The blunders just keep on coming for Joe Biden since his regime came to power.

Now he’s scrambling to save his sinking Presidency.

And Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear after he heard his latest move.

Joe Biden’s brief time as President has been marred by numerous self-inflicted crises.

One of his biggest has been the border crisis that he set off with his open borders agenda.

Biden ran on rolling back border enforcement and promised free healthcare to illegal aliens turning the border into a magnet for illegals.

After historic success by President Trump on border security, Biden began to roll back the America First border agenda his first day in office.

The results have been a disaster as record numbers of illegal aliens flooded the border.

On the regime’s first day in power, Biden suspended Trump’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum seekers.

The policy required that asylum seekers wait in Mexico until their immigration court date.

Instead, Biden was letting these “asylum” seekers walk across the border then releasing them all over the country with a promise to show up to a future court date – something more than 90% never do.

President Trump has been vindicated as the Biden regime is now reinstating “Remain in Mexico”.

Missouri and Texas had successfully sued the regime in Texas district court to get the policy reinstated.

The regime had been fighting the ruling but with the border in total chaos they’ve given up.

With Biden’s poll numbers sinking to Jimmy Carter levels he’s desperate enough to turn to Trump’s policies to try to save his flailing regime.

The backlash to the border crisis had become so intense that Democrats had started attacking him over the issue.

The Democrat Mayor of Laredo, Texas said that residents of his town would be demanding the wall and praised President Trump’s handling of the border.

Waving the white flag of surrender on “Remain in Mexico” opens up the possibility of other Trump era policies being quietly brought back in an effort to save the collapsing regime.

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