Donald Trump was all smiles when this lie by the corporate-controlled media was exposed

The corporate-controlled media has been smearing Donald Trump non-stop.

Now they face a day of reckoning for this massive deception. 

And Donald Trump was all smiles when this lie by the corporate-controlled media was exposed.

In August, the FBI’s announced raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home brought banana republic tactics to the U.S.

President Joe Biden took the unprecedented move of using the Justice Department to target the former President and his chief political rival in the 2024 Presidential election.

The Justice Department was trying to kneecap Trump ahead of another Presidential announcement and hurt Republicans in the lead up to the Midterm elections.

In a move straight out of a third world country, the Biden regime sent 30 FBI agents to ransack Trump’s personal residence, even rummaging through former First Lady Melania Trump’s clothes.

The alleged purpose of the raid was over classified documents that Trump took with him from the White House for his personal Presidential records.

It was reported at the time that among the documents sought by the FBI were a cocktail napkin and a dinner menu from a birthday party from the White House.

Through selective leaks to the corporate-controlled media, the Justice Department was trying to do as much political damage as possible to Trump.

Using anonymous Justice Department sources, The Washington Post tried to hype the alleged minor process crime as the bombshell scandal that would finally end Trump.

The Post alleged that the FBI retrieved top-secret national security documents about the country’s nuclear secrets and the identity of undercover agents.

The paper claimed that sensitive documents taken by Trump would put the country in grave danger if they fell into the wrong hands.

Liberal commentators in the corporate-controlled media seized on the news and falsely claimed that Trump stole the nuclear launch codes.

The Justice Department refused to verify any of the claims on records instead using anonymous leaks to overhype the reasons behind the raid.

The Biden regime and the corporate-controlled media were working hand-in-hand to run another smear campaign against the former President.

Now that the Midterm elections are over and Donald Trump announced another run for the Presidency, The Washington Post is finally coming clean on the reason behind the raid.

The Post reported that the reason Trump took the classified documents from the White House to Mar-a-Lago is because he believed that they belonged to him.

Trump claims that he declassified the documents in question before leaving the White House.

The paper admitted that none of the documents in question were taken to give Trump a business advantage or was there any effort to leverage government secrets.

After serving as a propaganda outlet for the Justice Department, The Post is reporting the truth after helping push the false narrative that Trump stole sensitive national security secrets and was either reckless or a traitor.

Yet another breathlessly-hyped smear campaign against Donald Trump was proven to be another political job from the corporate-controlled media.

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