Donald Trump took the gloves off after Joe Biden committed this massive betrayal

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Donald Trump ran for President to Make America Great Again.

Trump couldn’t stand to see what Joe Biden did to the country.

And Donald Trump took the gloves off after Joe Biden committed this massive betrayal.

Americans were appalled by the conduct of Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats during Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jingping’s trip to San Francisco.

California Governor Gavin Newsom admitted Democrats only cleared the drug addicts, criminals, and homeless off the city streets to impress Xi.

When Xi arrived for his summit with Joe Biden, San Francico looked like Beijing during a communist party pep rally.

Donald Trump made confronting Communist China on trade one of the pillars of his “MAGA” agenda in 2016.

Trump’s willingness to speak up for American workers after decades of politicians, like Joe Biden, selling them out helped Trump crack the blue wall and win states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

At a rally in Iowa Trump had harsh words for Biden’s kowtowing before Xi at the San Francisco summit.

Announcing he would “take the gloves off” Trump hammered Biden for his mentally and physically feeble performance.

“Crooked Joe Biden was in San Francisco for a summit with China looking like he had absolutely no idea where he was, what was happening, what the hell he was supposed to do,” Trump began. “He walked up with a man who looks like a piece of granite, right?”

“He’s strong, like granite . . . I know him very well, President Xi of China . . . these are very smart people. But they’re dealing with very stupid people. Our leader is a stupid person . . . This is the guy we have keeping us out of nuclear war,” Trump.

There may also be an even uglier reason as to why Biden was so eager to host Xi for a summit.

Evidence continues to mount to back up allegations that Communist China compromised Joe Biden through financial dealings with Biden and his family.

The House Oversight Committee revealed James Biden allegedly paid back a loan from Joe Biden by sending a check for $40,000 to Joe Biden, after a Biden family-controlled LLC received $400,000 from an energy company in Communist China.

That $40,000 payment represented exactly the “10 percent for the big guy” an email from Hunter Biden famously said his business partners had to hold for Joe Biden, as part of a deal with this Communist Chinese Party-linked energy company.

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