Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson the one reason why Joe Biden may not be the Democrat nominee in 2024

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Eight Republicans participated in the first GOP Presidential Primary debate.

But Donald Trump skipped the debate and appeared for a sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson instead.

And Donald Trump told Tucker Carlson the one reason why Joe Biden may not be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

The Republican debate was aired by Fox News Channel and a few online video platforms like Rumble.

Fox News Channel released preliminary data showing a paltry 12.8 million Americans tuned in and watched the debate, down from more than 20 million who watched the first debate in 2016.

And it pales in comparison to the number of folks who viewed Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Within the first three hours of Carlson posting the video, the interview racked up more than 90 million views.

“President Trump won this evening’s Republican debate in dominating fashion,” Trump campaign senior adviser Susie Wiles said. “More people watched President Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson than the rest of the field on the debate stage combined.”

Carlson’s interview with Trump climbed to more than 230 million views by Thursday afternoon.

This is bad news for Joe Biden, as Donald Trump took the gloves off on the President during the interview with Carlson.

Trump told Carlson the American people know that the indictments are “trivial, nonsense, bull***t.”

He then turned to the investigations into the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling operation.

Trump told Carlson that Biden was the most “incompetent and corrupt” President in history and “he’s compromised because China knows so much about him.”

“They know where the money comes from, they know where it is, who paid it, and they probably paid it,” Trump said, before calling Biden a “Manchurian Candidate.”

But the main issue with Biden, Trump said, is that he is worse “mentally than he is physically.”

“I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically, and physically, he’s not exactly a triathlete — or any kind of an athlete,” Trump said. “He can’t lift his feet out of the grass, you know, it’s only two inches at the White House, right – it’s not a lot,” Trump continued, before adding “but you watch him and it looks like he’s walking on toothpicks.”

He noted Biden’s trips to the beach “where he can’t lift a chair” even though “those chairs are meant to be light.”

“He can’t walk through the sand, you know, sand,” Trump said. “It’s not that easy to walk through, but when he walks through it, he can’t walk through the sand.”

Polls show the majority of Americans, including Democrats, agree with Donald Trump’s assessment that Joe Biden is not fit to serve as President.

Biden can no longer appear in public for even a brief minute without clearly displaying signs of cognitive and physical decline.

But Donald Trump’s interview where he pointed out Biden’s struggles is over 230 million views and climbing.

And Joe Biden’s age and cognitive decline could be the reason Democrats end up replacing him with someone else in 2024.

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