Donald Trump saw this shocking new poll that delivered one message he never saw coming

The 2024 Presidential race is picking up steam.

Donald Trump is officially in the race and everyone wants to know how he will fare against Joe Biden. 

And Donald Trump saw this shocking new poll that delivered one message he never saw coming.

A new 2024 survey from the Republican polling firm WPA Intelligence tested the top two Republicans – Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – against Joe Biden.

The poll found Trump trailed Biden by eight points, whereas DeSantis led Biden by three points.

Biden and Trump were also deeply underwater in terms of their favorability ratings, whereas more Americans held a favorable opinion of Ron DeSantis.

Perception of DeSantis and Trump changed among many Americans following the Midterm elections.

DeSantis grew the GOP coalition and turned Florida Red by campaigning on a conservative record of achievements.

DeSantis proudly defended the “Free State of Florida” from the COVID regime, took on woke corporations, stopped leftists from grooming children, and removed Critical Race Theory from classrooms.

In 2018, DeSantis defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum by just 30,000 votes.

But in 2022, DeSantis romped to a 19-point win over Democrat Charlie Crist.

Trump’s fortunes took a hit in the Midterm elections.

In critical swing states, Trump endorsed a series of candidates in key gubernatorial and Senate elections who lost to Democrats.

Democrats ended up gaining two Governor’s mansions and a Senate seat in one of the most disappointing Republican electoral results in recent history.

Trump’s candidates lost because a key segment of voters made their number one issue voting against him.

Even though conservatives support Donald Trump’s America First agenda and want to maintain the policy direction he charted, they want to do it with a different messenger.

That led to Ron DeSantis’ continued ascent following the Midterm elections.

And polling data showing Trump losing decisively to Joe Biden and DeSantis defeating him could sway even more conservatives to back the Florida Governor in 2024.

Of course, the race is not over, as Trump will accelerate his campaign activities in the coming weeks.

But this poll will increase the chatter that it is no sure thing that Trump wins the 2024 nomination.

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