Donald Trump made one announcement that caused a crowd of his supporters to boo

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Donald Trump’s political strength is the connection between Trump and his base.

But Donald Trump was in for the shock of his life.

And Donald Trump made one announcement that caused a crowd of his supporters to boo.

Trump Victory Party attendees boo RINO South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

Donald Trump was in a celebratory mood following his landslide win over establishment RINO Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina’s Primary.

In his rally speeches, Trump often invites politicians who endorsed him and supporters in the crowd to the microphone to say a few words.

Trump sharing the spotlight with his voters and elected officials explains in part why Trump built a durable movement where everyone involved feels like they are personally invested in the outcome.

But Trump can be generous to a fault.

And at his victory speech following the networks calling South Carolina for him, Trump invited RINO Senator Lindsey Graham to the mic to say a few words.

Trump knew he was courting trouble with this move as he noted Graham – who supports amnesty, gun control, and Green New Deal schemes – was “a little bit further Left than some people on this stage.”

At the mention of Graham’s name the crowd began to boo.

Trump did his best to try and smooth things over.

“No, no. Remember,” Trump told the crowd to no effect as the boos rained down on Graham. “I love him, he’s a good man. Come up here Lindsey.”

“America, the nightmare you are facing is just about over,” Graham declared as the crowd kept booing.

Trump supporters remember Graham’s past smears of Donald Trump

Trump supporters booing Graham is not a one-off.

Last summer, the crowd at a Trump rally jeered Graham off the stage.

Lindsey Graham has a sneaky plan to sabotage Trump

Lindsey Graham is a John McCain Republican.

In addition to championing amnesty, Graham also supports the endless foreign wars that Donald Trump harnessed GOP backlash to and rode to victory in 2016.

During the 2016 Primary, Trump mocked Graham as a warmonger and opposed schemes by Graham and others to recreate the Iraq War with an invasion of Syria.

On the day of the Indiana Primary, Graham declared the GOP was committing political suicide by nominating Trump.

“If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed . . . and we will deserve it,” Graham posted on social media.

Trump romped to victory that night and then went on to win the General Election.

Graham then tried to position himself as the number one Trump supporter in the Senate.

Trump supporters suspect Graham only pretends to support Trump to try and get on Trump’s good side, so Graham can try and convince Trump to support swamp schemes like arming Ukraine and going to war with Iran.

So far, Trump’s resisted those entreaties.

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